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I am a woman of a certain reputation.

Expect ass baby crack candy!

Oh, how I love you! This was perfect, so very very perfect. I loved so many of the lines, like:

“Ow,” Cory said, disgruntled. “Bricks are hard.”


Only, not so much.


For an average guy, Cory could be extraordinarily beautiful.

Because, yes! i can so see Shawn thinking that. Really really wonderful.

Someone read it! Whee!

I'm glad you like it. :D

You've totally ruined the Cory and Shawn for me forever!! This was so unbelievably fantastic. I love you.

They kissed for a long time, with one of Shawn’s knees on the mattress, while the woman’s dance steps slowed to the change in the music, something sultry and agonizing.

That's just lovely.

I don't know the fandom, but you've knocked me out. And this wasn't beta'd?? The kisses were awesome, your description of the blow job was hotter than some I've read of penetrating sex, and Shawn's thoughts in the bar broke my heart. I'm glad they wound up in a blanket fort. You did an amazing job. Thank you.


I happened upon this story absolutely by chance - I was looking on my "friendsfriends" list, and saw it in rareslash. I was never a huge fan of BMW - just watched it casually when my little sisters had the TV turned to the Disney reruns. This made me want to watch the show again! I love the way you wrote Shawn and Cory - with Shawn being so patient with Cory. It's funny, Shawn was supposed to be the rebel and Cory was supposed to be the one to keep him in line, but you obviously picked up on the fact that Shawn was actually the more level-headed one! Thanks for sharing this story, I love it. I've friended you, because the stories you write are fantastic (I'm a big OC fan, haha).

Hello. That was all kinds of hot. Plus? You hit my not-so-sekrit love of grownup!Corey/Shawn. *purrs*

It was so beautiful. Painful to read in parts, but a good pain because it has a happy ending. In a blanket fort which is absolutely perfect. It's so them!

I hope you don't mind me pimping this on my journal. My flist will eat this up. With a spoon. We're all Corey/Shawn shippers, it's kind of crazy.


I like this. I barely remember the series, but this was pretty good.

It’s just... Cory/Shawn is so addictive once you allow yourself to really think about them.

Oh, god. You're so right -- I grew up on Boy Meets World, and I didn't even *think* about it, until I started reading the manifesto you posted. There are no ways to describe just how much I love this fic and how much I love the fandom now. Is it possible for you to point me towards more BMW fics? If it's not too much trouble, that is.

Quite possibly -- the last line killed me. Cory is the fixer-upper of the pair... and also, the line about Topanga crying her heart out? So very sad.

“Can I be gay, now?” Cory asked, grinning. “I want my secret decoder ring.” ::giggle::

Excellent! You have their banter down pat! Rareslash is sexy. XD

I've always maintained that there is not nearly enough Shawn/Cory slash in the world (since the more popular BMW pairing seems to be, inexplicably, Jack/Eric), and you have filled that void wonderfully. This is just... it's nearly 3 am and words are failing me, but this is truly amazing. Your language is fantastic and your characterization is dead on and it was ridiculously hot besides and... yeah. Awesome, awesome job. Please write more!

Awesome. The dialogue bet. Corey and Shawn, the way Corey keeps insisting that he "knows" and Shawn not wanting to believe it, Topangan *knowing* and letting Corey go...all so wonderful. BMW has always shocked me with the amount of subtext that most ppl. never picked up on. It had subtext in the way that Xena had subtext. Meaning that that there was so much of it, it was actually text. Especially the later eps. Everyone always loves the earlier, sillier seasons, but give me the later seasons *any* day. I loved the depth they gave the chars. by then. sigh. Anyway, great fic.

Oh, Cory/Shawn... so totally OTP. This was just beautiful, and I'm glad it didn't end at the drunken night, that would've been sad. Well done!

God, I love this to bits. There are lines upon lines I could quote that just make Cory and Shawn and their relationship and this story perfect for me, so I'm gonna do the most boring this a reviewer can do and quote your lines back at you. ;)

Only Cory could go so over the top. Only Cory could be so on target without even trying.
You can't imangine how happy it made me to read this (several times over in fact). It's just so perfectly Cory.

Give Shawn a mile and he’d steal an entire county, then wonder what everyone else was doing on his land.
Can I just say I adore your metaphors? Pure brilliance.

Somehow, in some foggy dream state, Shawn’s dick discovered Cory’s mouth.
Yes! Because that's just the way it makes sense. With Cory and Shawn for once not agonizing and talking, but Cory simply acting now that Shawn's arguments against sex are out of the way. Another one of those to reread again and again.

“Can I be gay, now?” Cory asked, grinning. “I want my secret decoder ring.”
*sporfle* That's all. :D

*happy sigh*

Oh my. Good Boy Meets World is so hard to find. I love this, it's so beautiful.

(Deleted comment)
Ohh, mmmm. This was- yeah. Feel free to write more of this for the rest of your life.

Your Shawn is excellent. Exactly the way he should be.

I always thought the two of them were OMGSOGAY together, but could never get in to it because they were also, you know... kids. This solved that problem beautifully. Thanks.

I enjoyed it a lot. I loved the show and always wondered what would happen.

I love you. I really do. I think I'm just a huge fan of rareslash myself. Or at least fandoms without much slash written for them, quite a few fans, and a whole lot of slash potential. And really BMW has all these things. It's surprising how many people love and the show *and* slash, but there aren't that many fics to show for it.

I read your other story first, actually, and I'll probably be commenting later.

I just love the way you write these too. The pairing didn't really appeal to me before, but you've just made it so good for me. I'm a huge Jack/Eric shipper (those two just...guh beautiful and right for each other) but Cory and Shawn just *are in love* and you know it. Cory just ended up with the wrong best friend first.

I want more writing from you because you are amazing. It's exactly how slash should be written.

that is so sweet. I really like the way you brought in the "they want you to take the rolls" bit. ;)


See this is what they would have had to do if the show continued. The censors were so out to lunch on BMW. Your fic was really sweet and if you ever need a beta let me know.

I really enjoyed your story "You break My Heart Sometimes." Unfortunately, I read your story first and most of the others stories pale in comparison. What I really enjoyed was how you portrayed Cory & Shawn as adults. It seems like most of their characterization is forever stopped at high school. In your story their men, heh doing manly things. I like the intensity of their scenes. You write in really good tension and I found your stories romantic, touching, and well, hot. So thanks. I hope this tiny fandom grows.

That story was amazingly great, it's the first Cory/Shawn I've ever read and I loved it. :)

I love this so much. It's all the pieces that Shawn won't let fit together because he believes so much in Cory and Topanga's eternal love that he doesn't believe that he can be happy himself. Gah. Good work.

This was just beautiful, wonderful and perfect. Shawn was so bittersweet in his yearning for Cory, and Cory makes such a cute, yet manipulative drunk.


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