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New Vid: Meds (RPS, Fall Out Boy, Pete/Patrick)
slay me
*freaks out*

Video Details

Title: Chasing Arizona
Song: "Meds" by Placebo
Video Artist: Fabella (wistful_fever)
Summary: Pete is in love with his best friend. Life is great. Only... his best friend isn't real. FOB, Pete/Patrick, Alternate Universe.
Fandom: BandSlash (Real Person), Fall Out Boy
Length: 2:41
Format: xvid avi

Warnings: Real Person implies real people are involved. If that's not your cup of tea? No problem, just don't download it.

Disclaimer: THIS IS ALL A LIE.

Download Details
94.7mb @ megaupload
47.2mb @ megaupload
41.7mb @ megaupload
47.2mb @ mediafire
Watch On-Line @ imeem
Watch On-Line @ youtube

Quality is directly related to size, though it's never great with RPS. If you have problems playing it, try the VLC Media Player. It's free, fast, and awesome.

Links Last Updated: 4/06/08

Vidding Notes:

Credit where credit is due:
Thejumpcut (on youtube) for the idea of lip-syncing real people. I never would have thought of it, otherwise, even with my experiences with anime vids.
Brushes: simpleandclean, tiffcali, mrs6, creamuts,, unwritten_icons.
I can't find where I got the tree from. If you know, a heads up would be nice.
This song has been done by someone else, and so SO well. Go take a look, and then cry at how pitiful this video seems in comparison. The song wouldn't let me let it go, though. That seems to be a theme with my explorations of Pete/Patrick. One day I'll pick an original song.
Jennifer Lopez .
Heartbeat: SoundSnap.
icecreamhdaches for the footage.
Photos from everywhere.

Can you think of someone I missed? Let me know.

No extended notes for this one, because I'm beat and I don't feel like typing up what I wrote at work, and I'm freaking out about how it will come across, and I swear, if I don't post this tonight, I never will. So. Just know that this is supposed to study the dual identity theme of Pete/Patrick that FOB themselves play with ("Saturday"). I explored it some with my previous video, but not quite as literally. I know its a bit on the art house film side, but I sort of like that? I can be pretentious with the best of them. Also, this wouldn't have been made if I hadn't already learned how to do some of this stuff with Documentary. So, thanks, Chad Michael Murray, for making me work for it. If you really REALLY want notes, just ask a question. I'll do my best to answer you in a timely manner. Or perhaps I'll just add to this and link you. My eyes are dragging, dude. *handflail* If this is at all coherent, it'll be a miracle.

Title from the 'Pete Loves Patrick THIS Much' file:


Feedback puts a smile on my face.

I. I. I got nothing. I will never stop making \o/ at you for joining my fandom. ♥♥♥

It was the fic that brought me. It was the Patrick that made me stay.

*settles in*

(Deleted comment)
I'm really glad you liked it! And oddly, I almost included a meelikey bit, but I couldn't seem to fit it in properly, and I figured if I couldn't do it well, then it shouldn't be in there at all. Feel free to rec. I'm just glad I'm not the only one who got this... and that Patrick is real. :)

I loved what you did with 'Documentary' and this is even more clever. I've seen people manipulate canon details really effective, psychological ways in fic, but this is one of the few vids I've seen that really tries to run with it and then succeed. I've always wanted to see a well-made vid for this song, and I'm glad that it was you who pulled through!

Awesome work.

Edited at 2008-03-29 04:27 am (UTC)

You should totally check out the vid I linked to in my credits. That vid is so good I was hesitant to try and make a video to this song, even though it was THE PERFECT SONG because it felt like reinventing the wheel... but I have poor impulse control, so.

Thank you for the comments!

This is *amazing*. I adore the song anyway, but the ways you manipulated footage and added quotes really does paint a scary picture.

Thank you! And Placebo is quite awesome, especially when applied to video, because their music is always so layered with sound and feeling.


(the Arizona quote was one of my favorite highlights of our show.)

I love that quote. Why they haven't adopted babies yet, I have no idea.

(Deleted comment)
He's real, I swear! I hope so. The world would be so much less awesome without him.

I'm glad you liked it. :)


No. Seriously. Wow.

I had intelligent comments typed up & LJ just ate them. *kicks the internet*

I'll be back in the morning with real feedback & I'll be reccing this all over the damn place.

Really stellar work.

First of all, your icon is scarily awesome.

Secondly, thank you so much. I'm really really glad it works for you. It's a tricky concept, I know, and I was this close to hiding the video away, so, yes, I'm now glad I posted it.

Incredible work, I love this a lot, you're amazing.

(Deleted comment)
it HURT that was so well done. ♥

Awww. Well, Patrick is real, no worries. ::pats shoulder::

This is breathtaking.

Just absolutely brilliant. You put it together so well, and the song was perfect. I really am kind of speechless, because it's It actually freaked me out, because you just made it so believable, and it makes SO MUCH SENSE in a way.

Thank you for this! You're amazing.

It actually freaked me out, because you just made it so believable, and it makes SO MUCH SENSE in a way.

*throws self at you*

That's an awesome compliment, thank you. :)

Oh my god, this is just insanely awesome. I know NOTHING about FOB, and I think I'm having trouble telling who's who half the time, but it doesn't stop me from realising this is a vid made completely of AWESOME. God, your use of effects and text and pictures and all these RP vid techniques just leave me completely gape-jawed in awe. I'll definitely have to pick your brain once work calms down a bit. I'm dying to know how you did some of the technical stuff in there.

Plus, the premise of the vid is SO COOL. As I said I know nothing, so I'm not sure if this is an idea already expounded in fandom or whether it's something that you came up with yourself. If the latter, then dude, you are a genius of phenomenal proportion. Not that I didn't know that already, but still.

Hey, due! Thanks for watching without knowing who these guys are. To be honest, I didn't have much of a clue myself until I happened upon a picspam. Well, I knew who Pete Wentz was, because it's Pete Wentz, but Patrick, the short blonde guy made of awesome, is very good at hiding his awesome self away.

I'm dying to know how you did some of the technical stuff in there.

I'm sure it's nothing too complicated, but feel free to pick my brain. I find that kind of thing fun! Oh, and some of the most awesome stuff is born in the source, and as per usual, I'm just here to take advantage of it (like Pete flickering over Patrick's shoulder at 2:41).

As I said I know nothing, so I'm not sure if this is an idea already expounded in fandom or whether it's something that you came up with yourself.

Pete and Patrick play with this idea themselves, sometimes, which is so fucking cool I can't even express how cool it is. They make stuff like this canon. *hearts*

Thank you for the comments. As usual, it makes my day to see one from you. :D

GENIUS. I dig it so much!

How do you do that?

jesus christ.
it was like being inside someone's head i got sucked into it big time. i don't even really know how to describe it.

just oh my god.

that was the most amazing fan video i have ever seen.

please keep them coming.

This is amazingly awesome!

I do the ripping and converting for ICH, if you ever need anything in a format other than mp4, I will gladly get it for you. Because you are an awesome vidder and I am so excited to have you in this fandom! \o/

(Deleted comment)
I read a story once where Patrick was just a creation of Pete's mind and Patrick comes to realize this slowly throughout the story (did you write it, I can't remember) and it was equally as creepy as this.

i remember that fic as well! now i want to find it again.......

I don't usually watch fanvids, as in bandom they're generally kind of terrible... but, jesus. That was fantastic. I don't even know how to comment.

*clings to Patrick*

He's real, I promise!

Thanks for giving it a chance. :)

holy crap, that was so eerie and just. *flaily* geez. i love the saturday vid so much just because of that whole schitzo-split-personalities aspect, and you took that out to a point where it's not silly anymore, it's just... gah. my only words are 'eerie' and 'creepy' and 'awesome.'
arizona! i live in arizona! i am 100% okay with pete and patrick (who DOES exist, thank god!) retiring here. lmao

If they retire in Arizona, together, I won't even have to live there to die of joy. *zones out thinking about it*

Thank you so much for your comments! I'm glad the video reached you. :)

Wow. This is so amazing. With the effects, and the integration of the different sources, and the flawless storytelling. Just amazing. *standing ovation*

Oh my god, that was amazing, and totally broke my heart.

Awww. You can have Patrick back, okay? *pats back*

Eerie! Wow!

The premise is creepy enough that without the vidding skill you bring to it, I'd just be scared away. But to watch the way you put it together--wow! The sometimes slow, sometimes snapshot-quick way Patrick is there and then not there--it invokes viewers' desire and mistrust of things that flicker. And I especially like the way the whole thing is overlaid with this third-person perspective--the sort of fascination/ confusion/ cold analysis/ fear on the part of the people watching Pete, the way the vid begins with those women looking him up and the way the internet is always watching him and reasserts its presence again and again.

The song ("passers-by were looking at me") totally supports this split perspective, and, at another level, it's pretty accurate to the experience of the mentally ill--knowing what you experience, but then having this other level of "I can tell from how people look at me that something's not right."

There's a lot going on here. Very cool. Interesting sound mixing as well--I like that added dimension. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

Wow, thank you so much for your comments. I'm gonna go flail quietly in the corner. :D

(Deleted comment)
I'm really glad you like the style. The video evolved through three different styles, but I eventually backed away from some of the more obvious anvil-type editing, and I'm pretty glad now that I made the choices I did. I'm also really glad you have such a hot icon.

Patrick, man. *fans self*

[here via linzeestyle' rec, mind if i rec it too?] this song, with that concept. i can't even begin to articulate the amounts of love & twisty, heart-achey hurt i'm feeling at this. beautifully edited, i love the over-saturation of the colours & each video clip was wonderfully manipulated to support the story -- it really boggles the mind to think that we have all this canon, & such glorious things can be made of it. i'm impressed. very, very impressed. some of writing across the screen flashed by too rapidly for me to read properly, but i guess that added to the snapshot randomity, flashes inside a disturbed mind. haunting & just brilliant. ♥

Do I mind? I would love for you to rec it! I'm not to proud to admit it would be great for my ego.

Thank you for commenting. Our canon is actually pretty damn cool when you get right down to it. Rockstars who are actually geeks who are maybe a little in love, and yes, all very awesome. :)

This is COMPLETELY AMAZING. Wow. Thank you so much for sharing it.


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