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New Vid: Are We Real? (Hawaii Five-0)
merlin is shifty - julesoh

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I have no control over what I vid anymore. I can only vid what... vids itself.

Title: Are We Real?
Song Artist: South Park Mexican
Video Artist: Fabella (wistful_fever)
Source: Hawaii Five-0 (2010 version, up to 1x12)
Summary: "I don't want to lose you, like I've lost so many." Steve/Danny, Steve, Danny.
Disclaimer: H50 and "Are We Real?" do not belong to me. Neither are being represented in the fashion the creators intended. I think.
Length: 2:35 divx avi

Downloads & Streams

61,7mb @ 4shared
watch @ youtube (updated 2/22/12)

This song has haunted me for years. I did attempt to vid it at one point, but it just didn't work. I have so many emotional ties to this song. It hits me very deep. Now I know why I couldn't vid it. I was waiting for this source. On so many levels, this show appeals to me. I feel like I was waiting for this Steve and this Danny. They were characters specifically written to my tastes. It's a beautiful thing.

The video is... all tangled up with my feelings about the song, and my feelings about the characters. There was something I always wanted to do with this song which I think I managed to incorporate, which was to gain some distance from the lyrics and at the same time intensify the gut feeling the song creates. Another important facet of this video was the world-building aspect. I really wanted a sense of the characters and their life. The island is the context in their relationship. Steve is the island, Danny is the survivor.

Feedback is great.

(Deleted comment)
Thank you. And yes, I definitely wanted to show that comparison. It's not all sad for Steve, really, though there is definitely sadness. But he's got Danny! He'll be okay :)

Achey but gorgeous - I have so much fun with this show that I forget sometimes there's so much underlying loss and angst. Really lovely video! I definitely think you captured their world/lives.

This is absolutely stunning.

I actually just yelled to drunktuesdays, "wistful_fever made a H5-0 vid!" and she yelled back, "This is a good day for you!" and she's right. Yay! *g*

Haha, you just made my night, thanks. :)

Oh my god, I love this!!! I love the editing, all the quick moments & interesting cuts. You have no idea how happy I am that you're vidding this show. And this song is gorgeous. I hadn't heard it before. Great work!

It's so fun to vid! I'm secretly working on another vid for this fandom, but a cracky one.

YAY. Oh, yay. Steve's epic Steve-ness and his soul and I am making no sense but I am so freaking happy that you're vidding in this fandom!!!

STEVE IS TOTALLY EPIC. I only vid what is there. :)

If you have the time, would you be willing to upload to either mediafire or box? I *adore* your vids and would desperately love a copy of this one, but I've gotten hard drive destroying viruses from megaupload twice now and I'm not backed up enough to risk it again.

Either way, thank you for this lovely piece of art! Four Years is one of my favorite vids of *all time* but I have a feeling my list is about to expand!

I'll try to upload it somewhere you can download tomorrow before I go to work. :) I'm glad you like it, and thank you for the compliment on Four Years. I still love how that video came out. I'm glad it has stood the test of time for you.

OMG! SO PERFECT! thank you!

downloading, thank you! Beautiful work.

Oh wow, I really really enjoyed that. ♥

Oh, wow. I only got the chance to watch this once this morning before I had to go to work, but I was literally holding my hands over my heart through the whole thing, like I don't know, my heart was going to flop right out of my rib cage or something. This is just so very them, and it tells so much, and I will be watching it a hundred more times tonight and will probably not be able to be any more coherent, but if I am I'll let you know. This is, quite simply, the vid the pairing has been waiting for. Utterly, utterly perfect.

(Deleted comment)
what a fantastic vid! I love it. and I didn't know that song, it's fantastic and perfect for them. thank you, I'm downloading it here at work and will do the same at home too, I think it's one of those vids I'll watch again and again and again!

A little sad but it's a beautiful creation.

Beautifully perfect. Perfectly beautiful.

Holy cow - I know nothing about vidding, so I really don't have the words to nail down what it is you did here that's so incredible. There were images juxtaposed with images (like Steve on the plane juxtaposed with that glimpse of Danny with Grace, and then back to Steve on the plane) that just - they were like a punch to the jaw, they were so powerful. Such incredible, beautiful work - I wish I could be more articulate! But I loved it!!

God, that's gorgeous. It makes my heart all achy and hopeful. ♥

Oh this is so lovely and achy!! I love the mood and intensity of it, and now THEY HAVE EACH OTHER, oh. SIGH.

That was very powerful, and beautifully edited.

This is gorgeous. The song works wonderfully with the visuals, so I'm glad you waited for the show to find you, and I think you achieved your goals with it.

Revisiting to say: I recced this for the Escapade vid show, and it seemed like people really enjoyed it. I also led the vid review panel and people had nothing but good things to say. Thanks again for making it!

beautiful. And yea, sometimes the right material just needs to be there - and in this case, you're right is DOES fit H50 very, very well. Thank you for the wonderful vid... and I hope you get inspired for more! :)

Oh, lovely! I love love love the mood you set with the coloring/pacing/clips. ♥

Holy shit, girl.

I don't usually respond to vids the way this one got to me. *is choked up*

*loves you*

this was lovely! there was an amazing sweetness and poignancy to the whole thing. You did a fantastic job of creating mood and telling a story with the clips and the song. Beyond a terrific fan piece, this is such a beautiful statement about the way music touches us.


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