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Hello, fandom.
merlin is shifty - julesoh
It has been a very long time. The longest to date, I believe. I have undergone an extreme transitional period in my life where fandom/fannishness took a true backseat for the first time since the age of thirteen. I shut myself out of the "fabella" role completely, I don't regret it since it gave me so much room to make decisions, but now that things are comfortable again, I might be able to re-establish old connections (I have new phone numbers, new e-mail, etc, etc.). I plan to start vidding again, but I'm easing back in. I've missed vidding quite a bit, but I'm glad that I was away from it for a while. Career is well, I've fallen in love with the most interesting, beautiful man, and family drama is starting lessen. There are some plans that fell by the wayside again, and dreams of moving out of this boring little rut of a town are put on hold, but all in all, I am ridic!happy!

So... how are you?

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Fabells!!! I've seen you on fb, but I've missed you around these parts. And I've missed your vids! I'm happy to hear you're doing well. Sad to hear that you find your town boring. Hopefully you'll get out soon. Where do you want to go to??

I'm about to be without internet for a few months, actually. I'm moving to a new place next week, looking for a new job, setting some writing and life goals... I'd love to be a photographer, but I'm merely amateur at this point. I think a break from the interwebs will be very good for me. It's one less distraction, anyway. ;)

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I wanted to go to SF California pretty badly, but I found it more difficult to lift roots than I thought. I should have known really. I'm a hardcore sticker. It's not completely out of the picture (SF) but I don't think it will be as soon as I had wanted. Oh, well, maybe one day?

Good luck with your adventure! I know that you could make a real go at photography! I love your photo updates. Your creativity is a beautiful part of my day. :) And the break from fannishness was extremely good for me. I kind of feel like it's a fresh start, though from what, I'm not sure. I hope it goes as well for you.

I want to go to California, too! I was born there and I think part of me has always thought of it as home. Maybe we'll meet up there someday! This is the longest I've ever stayed in one place and I'm restless; It's never felt like home to me, like I belong here. I'm not sure why exactly. But it's not entirely without its moments. I'm excited about moving to a new place, even if it's only a few blocks over. Despite having lived in this city the longest, I've moved 4 times in the past 7 years. Change is good!

I'm turning 28 in September and I find myself less and less interested in fannish stuff. There are certain things and certain parts and certain people I look forward to seeing/hearing/reading, but fandom as a whole I'm happy to do without. I find myself looking more and more at photography and art and essays, etc. Inspiration. I could never leave this world behind completely, it's part of who I am, but a balance would be nice. Otherwise I find myself lonely and depressed and in a very dark place in my mind.

Oh oh, I love hearing stories about how people fell in love; how did you two meet? Who made the first move? Etc. Anything you want to share, I'd love to hear! :)

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Hi, welcome back! I'm glad to hear that things are going so well for you.

Hi buddy!

Welcome back, great to see you! :) thrilled things are going well for you. <3</p>

Everyone's at VVC (or on Tumblr, heh, but that's a more permanent move), so it's kind of empty here this weekend.

I'm not at vvc because I just had kid #2, who is healthy and cute, so I suppose that means I'm doing well by default.

I'm thinking of the fun we've had at previous Vvc's and wishing we could both be shaking ass at cvv right now, though!

Stickybeaking... because I am also out of the loop terribly and I happened to see your comment as I scrolled past...

OMG, congrats on kid#2!! Happy to hear you are well!

I am at vividcon but wanted to wave hello before I forgot. When you get a moment, email me at mdawn6 @ to catch up?

Glad to hear things are going good for you. And I'm super glad you returned to us. :)

As for me, I took the plunge and changed my username after 9 years of going by 'keewick.' So far it's been a harder transition than I would've thought, and I keep having to remind flisters who the heck I am. Fannishly, I've jumped into the Teen Wolf fandom with both feet (see icon) and am having a blast. On the vid front, I completed a new Harry and Hermione friendship vid over the summer which was the first vid I'd completed in a long, long time so I felt jazzed about that. And RL-wise, I just turned the big 3-0 in June and am struggling a bit with where I am in my life and where I want to go, but in the grand scheme of things, I'm pretty good, too.

Good to see you posting! And glad to see life is going well :)

Have totally fallen in love with Teen Wolf :D

Aw, so glad to hear things are going well for you! Welcome back! :)

:waves at you:: Good to see you again and know you're doing well.

Welcome back!! Nice to hear you doing good!!

Hi!!! :)) I'm so happy to 'see' you. I also have been 'out' of fandom almost completely for the past six months or so... I am very glad I did because it was a big transitional time for me also. I'm probably still in it really, so I'm still on the fence about reconnecting with fandom or now, but lately have been wanting to more. I miss vidding, but I can really relate to the sense that it was good to take some time truly away from that role/world. I think I'll come back quite a bit different if I do return to fandom.

Very glad to hear you are ridic!happy!! :)) That's wonderful!

I should write an update in my own journal some time but in case I don't, ;) : I got off meds (months of detox), started meditation, had a dear friend visit from Russia and helped her make a music video here, work (freelance book editing) is going well but I take too much of it and need to get pickier and put myself out there more, and am generally taking time to look at my life overall and improve my (chronically low) self-esteem.

It's good to see you post again :)

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