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merlin is shifty - julesoh


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New Vid: The Boy Was A Puppet (Harry Potter)
merlin is shifty - julesoh
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Video Details
Title: the boy was a puppet
Song Artist: Rob Thomas
Video Artist: Fabella (wistful_fever)
Summary: One day Harry will be a real boy. Gen. Harry. Angst.
Source: Harry Potter: SS/PS, CoS, PoA, GoF
Length: 4:31
Format: avi, rm

Image credits: The Leaky Cauldron and Stock.xchng

Download Details
Real Media, 22.1mb, zipped @ obsessive24.net (right click, save target as)
51mb AVI @ megaupload
Watch On-Line @ Imeem

Links Last Updated: 05/17/08

Yes, yes, and yes. I really enjoy hearing what you think.

Brief Vid Notes
I've been working on this video in my head since before I even knew what song I would use or had seen the GoF movie, but it needed GoF footage to make sense. Obviously, having read all the books helped me out in the pre-editing process, because I knew basically what scenes the would pick to include and what ones I could definitely count on not being there. I think having planned the video so in advance of my ability to edit it actually hindered me, because the video had a very certain shape in my mind, and it was difficult to separate myself from what that and what the video wanted to be.

Picking the song was an issue for me this time around (yet again), because I've used a lot of popular music in my vidding-history, and more than that, I've used Rob Thomas' vocals from Matchbox20 before, but when something clicks for me, I can't usually pull myself from it, even if I know I'll never ever show anyone the finished product because I'm sure it won't click for *them*. Luckily, here, I think the popular music was the right choice. If not, I'll take my bad feedback in stride.

My last real HP vid, "Golden Boy" was also a Harry vid, but from the pov of another character, the outside looking in. I like that video, the irony of it, but I really wanted it to be a more intimate look at Harry, and it turned into something more distanced and delicate than that. Delicate might be the wrong word, but it's what the video is translating in my head as. "The Boy was a Puppet" fulfilled my wish to drop the 'world on his shoulders' anvil, and I focused on his sort of love/hate relationship with the wizarding world. From the inside looking out, this time, he keeps trying to please, to make a place in that world, but he's a puppet on strings for most of them, even the ones that love him, and that will probably get him killed eventually.

The green coloring was a nod to the Killing Curse, and what might be Harry's inevitable fate and is already his shadow. I feel like a tool for even mentioning it, because most of you will get it.

My favorite bit from the vid is a really simple part within the water sequence, the clip where Harry is underwater holding the egg and it's singing to him, shining with light to the 'all that I am'. Like I said, I had a lot of ideas going into this video, about how it would be filled with action and Harry being a hero, but that's not really how I think of him, even if he kind of IS a hero in my head. He's... just a boy. And he's very lonely, despite having found great friends in Ron and Hermione. There's just always something separate about him and his interactions with other characters in the books. That underwater clip, Harry holding a beautiful secret in his hands where no one but him can hear it, it encapsulates pretty much every ache I've ever had while reading the books.

I had compression issues again. Very bad, very painful compression issues. I've done as much as I'm able. *facepalm*

Oh! And since I can't seem to do vidding commentaries any more, and I feel like I'm neglecting the audience in some ways, feel free to ask me any questions regarding clip choice, how I did something, why I did something, etc., etc., and so on.


Whee! I'm back in the game. Finished this video, wrote a crap load on various different writing projects, actually did my vidder_weekly article and am planning future ones just in case I get like this again, and I've begun going through my back log of comments and reading the f-list again.

Imagine, actively participating and not ghosting through.

What's really amazing is that I managed to not alienate my friends while doing all this stuff. Usually they get kicked to the curb so I can be insular, creative, and a social outcast despite their best efforts at, you know, *including* me.


Hi, guys. I have so much stress off my chest right now.

God damn this is the most beautiful hp vid I've ever had the pleasure of watching! I love the song choice (it really screams Harry), and the simple things like the birds, and the leaf.

But I really love how you were able to illustrate how alienated Harry can feel in this task that was placed on him to take care of the others. The clock tower where he is watching the children below, and the part in the beginning where everyone is associating him with the scar... all very beautiful!

The ending really captures everything your video was leading up to. It shows Harry's struggle, and...well, wow! I wish I knew how to properly express how much I enjoyed it!

I'll most definitly be watching it over and over.

Great job!! Thank you for sharing. :)

God damn this is the most beautiful hp vid I've ever had the pleasure of watching!

Thank you SO much for your response and for rec'ing it. A few people have commented that they wouldn't have downloaded if it hadn't been rec'd.

Oh my god, this was *beautiful.* And so, so powerful, and it made me *ache* for Harry. I'm going to need to watch it quite a few more times to get everything you packed in there, but--oh Harry. *wibbles*

I'm not sure whether the harsh green tones worked for me or not; at the very beginning of the vid, they threw me out a bit, but then they worked *so well* at the end. And what you did with motion throughout, it's just, gah--okay, maybe I'll stop trying to remain coherent. *snerk*

*hugs Harry so much* WOOBIE.

I'm really pathetically fascinated by Harry. He's just. So young and he *acts* like it. I know a lot of people got annoyed by him in OoTP, but oh my god, he was *fifteen*. When I was fifteen, I bitched about my *clothes*. I just love that he's not a fake suffering hero, you know? He's a kid, and his life is weird, and I ADORE HIM SO MUCH OMG. *fights back gushing adoration*

Thank you for the feedback!

(Deleted comment)
I'm quite happy with your feedback, thanks! *grins*

I loved this vid so much. I'm not a vidder I don't know what to comment on, but I loved the motion and the way one clip led into another.
Poor Harry, sometimes he's just such a dofus but underneath that he has this martyr complex and this vid shows that underlying feeling of responsibility he has.
In conclusion: awesome vid.

You've commented perfectly! Really, don't worry about not being a vidder, we that are want to know what ANYONE thinks. We are gluttons for attention.

In conclusion: awesome vid.

Thank you. :)

Wow! I don't know too much about the Harry Potter movies, but I know a gorgeous vid when I see one. And that was a GORGEOUS vid. Just visually stunning. Absolutely brilliant clip choices, great transitions, and fantastic use of the music. Towards the end I particularly loved the effect where you blended the birds in flight to Harry on his broom. That was beautiful. Brava!!! I think I am going to have to rec this, just in case I have any Harry Potter fans on my friendslist. Everyone must see this vid.

Whee! Thank you!

Towards the end I particularly loved the effect where you blended the birds in flight to Harry on his broom.

That's one of my favorites too, but it was very easy to do (which is a good thing, since I'm not a technically able vidder in the slightest). I just lowered the gamma a little to do an abrupt darkening of the clip and did a blur dissolve into the next shot. Thank you again, and for the rec. :D

Yay! A new vid from you! (I guess the vidding gods must be smiling on us this weekend--I just FINALLY finished my latest SPN vid).

This was BEAUTIFUL! Simply stunning. You do know you're my favorite vidder, right?

Just, wow. Unbelievable. One of the best vids I've ever seen, and definitely the best HP vid I've seen.

I will leave detailed commentary for you as soon as I have some time to devote to more in-depth gushing ;-)

Oh, don't feel like you have to leave detailed commentary, I just like knowing that you watched and enjoyed it. :D

You do know you're my favorite vidder, right?

That's the best thing anyone could say to me. Ever. Maybe it's because I have a cold, but I'm feeling sniffly. :)

This is an amazing video! Very well done. This is the first HP vid I've ever seen--mine are mostly Smallville. I came here because of talitha78's rec. Great editing and effects, and a beautiful song choice. How did you do the sort of jerky zoom effect on Voldemort at around 2:10? Is it just quick cuts? Very nice.

I also like the way the scenes flow into each other and how the motion of one scene seques into the motion of the next, completely different, scene. The ending is excellent with the birds flying and Harry flying and swimming, and the very clever inclusion of the bird getting zapped by the Willow--like an omen.

P.S. Where is that song from? I tried to find it on amazon.com, but I couldn't.

Holy fuck, woman. You never cease to amaze me. This is, simply put, one of the most nuanced and well-put-together vids I've EVER seen. I LOVED your focus on objects, metaphors and motifs, the subtle sense of dynamics and beautiful motion. and the way you use lighting from source to make it into one amazing journey.

I can't actually write my normal kind of feedback for this one. There's nothing that I can timestamp. It sort of all just rushes up at you in one giant tide of emotion and swallows you whole. So in a way it seems like I'm shuffling off my responsibility to leave detailed feedback, but on the other hand I hope you can see it's because I just can't find the words. This is a vid that deserves so many repeat viewings, with so many layers of symbolism and meaning that trying to analyse it would be sullying it somehow. I can't imagine how you put it together. Mad props.

Wow, just wow. This feedback is perfect as it is, it doesn't need anymore, because it floors me by itself. You already know how much I value your opinion, so I think you understand what it's like to have you say stuff like 'This is, simply put, one of the most nuanced and well-put-together vids I've EVER seen.' to me.

This is a vid that deserves so many repeat viewings, with so many layers of symbolism and meaning that trying to analyse it would be sullying it somehow. I can't imagine how you put it together. Mad props.

Thank you. This video to me was, just, I don't know. I was trying to apply everything I'd learned in previous videos to it. I'm working with PureMotion's EditStudio5 now, btw. It's really, really awesome. Its color suite? I fucking love it, I can't keep away from it. Did you ever try out EditStudio4? I'd totally give you the code for this program, because you would love it, I really think you would. Of course, maybe you should just go directly to Adobe or Sony Vegas. Still, me, I think I'm going to be happy with this program for a long time.

hey :) ive been recced to your vids and i watched this one and Golden Boy and I just want to say how much i enjoyed both of them. they are intelligent, thought provoking, and well edited. deffinetly the best harry potter vids ive seen, thanks for making them :)

Thank YOU for watching them and commenting. I just love Harry and I want everyone else to. I think that's where I'm coming from in the vids.

I just finished watching your vid for the fourth time. I've been making/watching vids since the early eighties and this us one of the most b rilliant vids I've ever seen. The song is one of y favorites, and so powerful that it captures the heart immediately. But what you did with the clips was sheer genius! Everything flowed with the music so perfectly. Your use of the crows, ravens and birds was wonderful. And the emotion you managed to pack into that vid - totally awe-inspiring. You should be damn proud of this vid. It's a work of art. I look forward to your next vid. Thank you so much for this gem.

I just finished watching your vid for the fourth time. I've been making/watching vids since the early eighties and this us one of the most b rilliant vids I've ever seen.

That's a truly incredible thing to say. All of your feedback is incredible. THANK YOU.

P.S. - I hope you don't mind that I recced your vid in my lj. I think it's something that every HP fan would treasure.

Also, I see in your entry that you've got another HP vid, Golden Boy. Is it still available for downloading or could you possibly upload it again? I'm downloading you DS vid even as we speak. :) Can't wait to see what you dis with that.

Thanks again. Cheers.

I don't mind at ALL. I'm flattered to be rec'd. :) I think golden boy went down from the website that had been hosting it, but I'll try to get it up again soon. I'm *way* behind on my uploads. *hides* I hope you like Duet. It has some things I'd like to fix about it, but it was a... video of love. *g*

tiranog linked to this vid in her journal, and I just wanted to take a second to say how much I liked it. Very powerful (which I don't ordinarily feel about a songvid that uses a song with which I'm unfamiliar). Well done. This is a keeper.

Thank you. :)

(which I don't ordinarily feel about a songvid that uses a song with which I'm unfamiliar).

I'm like that too, sometimes. I think it has something to do with not knowing what to expect, audio-wise, so we're always waiting for the next sound instead of focusing on the video as a whole. I find that my second round of watching a vid with unfamiliar music is much more powerful. Hmm. Maybe I should listen to the video without watching it before hand? Ahhh, I sense a meta coming on. Damn it. See what you've done? *g*

Hi, I'm here via Tira Nog's rec. I'm really intrigued and curious, but I don't have Real Player and Megaupload doesn't let me download it, writing, "All download slots (500) assigned to your country (Russian Federation) are in use. Please try again later." I tried several times, but the massage is still the same. Could you please upload the AVI file to YSI if it's not very bothersome for you?

Oops, sorry about the hassle. One of these days I'll be able to afford my own webspace, I swear. *g* I'll give uploading the avi to yousendit a shot tomorrow, but for some reason I usually can't upload anything over 30mb to that site without it timing out. I think i'm going to be work on compressing the video more, though, so if my attempt at uploading the 50mb one to YSI doesn't work, I'm sure that will, and I'll drop you a note then. Thanks for your interest and your patience.

Truly impressed--still awe struck, just WOW!! THANK YOU!!

I'm glad you liked it. :D

That was a beautiful video. It has become one of my favorites. Your use of the imagery and song was really gripping.