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merlin is shifty - julesoh


I am a woman of a certain reputation.

Expect ass baby crack candy!

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Reference: My Videos
merlin is shifty - julesoh
This is a reference list of my videos, online and off. Some of these videos are currently unavailable.

Videos By Fabella
Last updated: 2/21/10. Check my songvids tag for an always up to date source.

Many of my videos are hosted By Obsessive24.net, whom I owe an extreme debt of gratitude.

Awkward/Awesome! (Troy, Troy/Abed)

Due South
Duet (RayK, Fraser/RayK)

Eternal Summer
POV (Shane/Jonathan)

Formula 17
Better (Bai Tieh-nan/Tien)

Fullmetal Alchemist
Wait Behind The Red Line (Roy, Roy/Ed)

Not Your Toy (Kurt/Blaine)

Harper's Island
Girl With One Eye (Gen/Het, Abby, Henry, Wakefield, Abby/Henry)

Harry Potter
Harry Potter: Golden Boy OFFline
The Boy Was a Puppet (Harry)

What Goes Around (Sylar, Mohinder/Sylar)

Life With Derek
Tension (Derek/Casey)

Elemental (Merlin/Arthur)
The Bitch Prince (Merlin/Arthur)

My Own Private Idaho
Momentary Seizure (Mike, Mike/Scott)

Office Politics (Tim/Tony)
Ready Or Not (Tim/Tony)

Numb3rs: Lost Art OFFLINE
Numb3rs: Disease OFFLINE

Real Person Slash
.01 Percent (Fall Out Boy, Pete/Patrick)
Bohemian Like You (Jared/Jensen)
Chasing Arizona (Fall Out Boy, Pete/Patrick)
Documentary (CW/WB RPS, Chad/Jared, Jared/Jensen)
Gone (*NSYNC, JC/Justin)
in plain sight (*NSYNC, Chris/JC)
Make U Smile (MerlinRPS, Colin/Bradley)
The Way Love Goes (*NSYNC, JC/Justin)
You're My Baby (CW/WB RPS, Jared/Jensen)

Stargate Atlantis
Four Years (Mckay/Sheppard)

A House Inside of You (Sam/Castiel)
Come On, Angel (Dean)
(Sam/Dean, AU) OFFLINE
Ghost Boy (Sam)
Goodbye Kiss (Sam/Castiel)
Hemorrhage (Sam, Dean, Gen)
Kill It (Sam/Dean, Wincest)
LoveStoned (Sam/Castiel)
Your Biggest Fan (Dean, Sam/Dean)
Your Own Personal Co-Dependent Wet Dream (Sam/Dean)

Teen Wolf
Pack (Jackson, Derek/Stiles, Jackson/Stiles)
Your Throat, My Teeth (Derek/Stiles)

The Invisible Man
Me, I'm A Thief (Fawkes)
Underdog (Fawkes, Fawkes/Hobbes)

The O.C.
The O.C.: Newport's Son OFFLINE
The O.C.: No Happy Ending OFFLINE
Queer (Ryan, Seth/Ryan)
Starstruck (Seth/Zach)

The Sentinel
Wary Of Strangers (Jim/Blair)

White Collar
Rolling in the Deep (Peter/Neal)


Thanks for the list. Makes my job easier, too, with the organising of your page, which is here. Haven't got everything up yet either, but it'll be sorted soon. :)

I have a *page*. ::dies with shock::

Do you know long it's been since I had anything resembling a website? YEARS.

That's awesome. Thank you. :)

What about your other TS vids - Safe and Sound and Warning Sign? They're two of my favourite TS vids ever, but I don't get a chance to rec them to people. *pouts*

Hee! Oh my, what vids were those? Never heard of 'em. ;)

Actually, I honestly don't think I have copies of them any more. I've lost a lot of my earlier vids with moving and everything. I'm so glad someone actually enjoyed my ealier vids though and wasn't secretly pointing and laughing, because they were made with love, if not skill, and I still like them to this day.

You're working on Freak again? Yay!

At some point my brain latched onto that idea and just hammered it over and over until it fit perfectly in my head. In an entirely different reality where I have a decent video editing program and a good grasp on the technical workings of it (and less crippling shyness), I might possibly have talked to you about permission in regards to making an informal sequel to it.

(And, yee, I want to see the Boy Meets World vid.)

That would be awesome! I'd love to see what you'd do with it! In the end of Freak, he's still going to die, though. Or is he? *g*

Did you know you have not listed a way for people to send you private e-mail? (or at least not a way that my tired eyes can see) I wanted to ask you something re the vids. Drop me a note at mdawn6@yahoo.com when you have a sec.

Oh hey! I did see this, actually. I just completely forgot to respond with everything that went on last week, and am only now just seeing it again with checking over my journal for missed comments. I'm going to put 'flake' in my personal profile.

I just wanted to say congrats on your Lawrence Award nominations! And that I'm SO happy that Ghost Boy made it since it was one of the things that made me love Supernatural so hard.

And that you might want to go check over there and see if everything's listed the way you want (Fabella vs. Wisful_fever).

Oh yeah, you rock! And a remake of Freak sounds awesome!

Wow, thank you for the heads up!

Oh yeah, you rock! And a remake of Freak sounds awesome!

LMAO. Oh, I adore you. You know, it's odd how easily Supernatural translates into scary psychotic killer w/obsession for his brother. That should worry me more.

Hi sweetheart, I finally got my editstudio 5 today and I've been having a little play with it and was wondering if you could possibly help me with it at all.

The main issue I'm having is with the quality of the avi file I'll drag it onto the timeline and the box at the bottom that allows you to preview it, the quality is terrible and jumpy. I have very little memory left about 300 - 500 mb, is this the reason do you think?

I'm sorry to bother you but I have no idea where to begin I've been on the editstudio forum but I don't have a manual or anything telling me where to start. Did you work the program out yourself or did you find a tutorial, I'm just having the hardest time with it and would love to make something special.

I think the issue is the codec, the divx codec is a nightmare and the divx icon keeps popping up it appears to hate all my files. Did you have any issues with this at all?

Sorry to bother you and thankyou petal.

Charli x

It's not a bother at all. It might be something that would be hard to talk about on LJ, though. Do you have Y!messenger? If not, we could probably swing it here.

The main issue I'm having is with the quality of the avi file I'll drag it onto the timeline and the box at the bottom that allows you to preview it, the quality is terrible and jumpy. I have very little memory left about 300 - 500 mb, is this the reason do you think?

That probably is because of your memory. To get a clearer shot of things during preview you might have to make your preview box smaller, like to 25%. Or you might find hat you have to save the file to a media type to get the true look at what your video will look like. Not to say that you would have to save the whole thing every time, but you can choose to save certain parts of the video. That might get around your memory problem.

I think the issue is the codec, the divx codec is a nightmare and the divx icon keeps popping up it appears to hate all my files. Did you have any issues with this at all?

Eeek, I didn't. Divx seems to work find with it.

I mostly worked the program out myself just by playing with things, as I'm a very hands-on learning (tutorials make me feel stupid and confuse me), but lately I have been reading some tutorials on the website because I'm more familiar with the program.

Never feel afraid to drop me an e-mail at fabella_fabula@yahoo.com. If I can help, I absolutely will. :)

Good luck!

oh, dude. dude I swear, I have to watch this like, another fifty times to give proper fb, but wow. seriously. this is a fucking INCREDIBLE vid, and not just because I love them more than PIE, but it's just DONE so fucking weel too. I'm totally blown away. wow. freaking AMAZING.

thank you for this!!

(duh. Im retarded. this was a comment for the cmm vid. I'll go put it there now. SIGH.)

Wondering if you can repost?

I saw your "puppet" vid and it was awesome. I was hoping you can repost your "Golden boy" vid? I heard that one is just as good! Thanks in advance-

Re: Wondering if you can repost?

Golden Boy will be back up pretty soon, hopefully. Sorry for the wait.

(Deleted comment)
Ah, you're a peach, thanks!


I'm trying to get in touch with you about some of the nominations you've recieved on the Lawrence Awards. If you could email admin@lawrenceawards.com, or reply to this comment, there are some questions I'd like to ask, if you don't mind.



I just wanted to compliment you on your 'Starstruck' Music Video. It's pretty amazing.

I don't watch that much of the OC so I have to ask you, what is the deal with the coin toss? My sister says that you're trying to convey that the boys are taking a gamble for their love. I know that sounds a bit silly but I actually have come to agree with her. Because through out the song you keep cutting to it and in last scene the coin lands, the boys lean in...

Anyway, we may be reading to much into it. Great work!!! As soon as I'm through with my exams I will download all your vids to check 'em out.

Bye!!!(I had a hard time finding your journal, lj kept taking me to another fabella so I'll friend you to be able to link to your more journal easily)

Hi there! Thank you for the interest in my video. Starstruck is probably my funnest video, imho, so I'm glad you like it. And you're friend is pretty much right. The coin toss, to me, meant them flipping it to see whether or not they were going to make a go of it, a symbol of choice. :)

the oc Newport's Son

Hope you can get this up again. i would like to download it.


I love your vids! Esp. your SPN vids! Ghost Boy was the first fanvid I ever watched for SPN, and I have yet to find another one that comes close to it in quality or creativity. Congrats on the nomination for the Lawrence Awards, as it was well deserved.

I hope you don't mind if I friend you. :)

I don't mind in the least. :) Well, obviously. Thank you for your comments.

Congratulations. You have been nominated for the Citrus Awards 2006. A list of all the nominees will be going up weekly; we will be putting the list up soon. Please contact us if you wish to pull out and not have your stories in the running. We would love for you to nominate your favourite stories when you get a chance!

Look out for the winners, and please make sure to vote.

Rachael and Jenny

Good lord I hope I've left you feedback for this vid, because I love it so. I think I did, but I've been rewatching it and I'd like to do a rec/review but I've got it on CD from MD, and I wanted to be sure you are okay with that and that there is someplace I can link to it again? Just let me know either way.

Hee! Thank you. I'm glad you like it, and I never turn down a rec/review. You can link back to it at http://wistful-fever.livejournal.com/157603.html if you'd like. :)