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New Video: Come On, Angel (Supernatural, Gen)
on a swing - red_candles
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Title: Come On, Angel
Song Artist: Sarah Slean
Video Artist: Fabella (wistful_fever)
Summary: "Once he's yours, he's yours for good. Now you behave like an Angel should." A study of the struggle between the Winchester brothers. Sam, Dean, John. GEN.
Fandom: Supernatural
Length: 3:53min
Format: wmv

Warning: Spoilers for all of season one.

Feedback is more than welcome.

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Downloading/Watching Information

a) You're going to need a divx codec to play this, and a lot of other vids. Go to divx.com to download. It's free, it's fast, it doesn't take long to set up. If your enjoy songvids, it's worth the extra effort.

b) Quality is directly related to size.

c) I'll re-upload the versions of the vid located on YouSendIt.com as often as I can.

d) If you're going to link to this, please link to the journal entry only, not the direct video link, and please do not post this video elsewhere without my permission.

Video Notes

a) Probably a heavy context vid. I don't think that people who don't know the source will know a lot of what I'm putting out there with this video. I could be wrong, though. I have been many times over.

b) This video burned me a lot while making it, because I couldn't figure out what direction I wanted to take it when the song offered up so many roads. Also, there were many ways to approach each road, because what I expected to be a one-note character in Dean, had turned, by the end of the first season, into someone very complex. I'm a Sammy girl. He's my darling. That makes me love Dean that much more for how much *he* loves Sam, in whatever way the audience chooses to see it. I struggled with whether there was too much 'Sam' for what I see as a Dean video, but a lot of Dean IS Sam in my eyes, and vice versa, and no video about either brother can leave the other out, unless it's done on purpose... which might be a kind of neat idea actually... with a certain song... *stabs bunny before it gains life*

c) Song choice: Like usual, I was uncertain. Not so much anymore. Sarah Slean is NOT a Dean voice, even if I read Dean as female sometimes, despite all his cock-rock and cock-walk. But the music has the right feel for the feel for the struggle between Sam and Dean, that kind of delicate push and pull in the music, never outright stated, and when it IS stated, it rips your stomach out with a simple note of the piano... And the lyrics. The lyrics made me do this. This song is of my top five favorite ever.

d) There are a few things I'm pretty proud of. I liked the 'green eyes of jealousy' on young dean. I really liked the ending, having Sam choose Dean, over everything else, having that kind of 'two against the world' feel that the show gives me. I wish I had been able to put ten more hours of footage into this video, though, and whenever a clip just doesn't work where I want it to? It disappoints me. A LOT. I always overestimate how much I can fit into a few seconds, but if I had fit in everything I wanted? It would have been very short clips and that would have ignored some of the more gentle, lingering angst that I felt the music required.

e) The song is 'Angel' by Sarah Slean, not 'Come On, Angel'.

f) Lastly, I didn't do a lot of color work on this one. It felt like a minimalist type of video, so I let it be simple. Very simple. *angsts*

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capgallery.net, stock.xchng


I can't believe I'm actually on the internet. *dashes around in a circle* I really miss being able to go on the internet whenever I want, but in its absence I've really turned to vidding and writing as a source of comfort, so that balances it out in the end. A little. But right now I'm going to go bask in forums and avoid my mail and see if I can can save some new, unread fanfiction on my laptop while I have the chance.

You have a real gift. This video is very, very touching. It perfectly captures the hope and despair Dean faces through out the first season. And Sam as his angel...just god, so much beauty.

Oh god, sorry, I have to comment again. My favorite part is where she sings about behaving like an angel should, that is so Dean, especially with those intermittent cuts of the little toy soldiers (which could have suggested a little too much, but managed here to work really well). He wants Sam to choose his life and it doesn't matter what Sam wants ,and jesus, I love that part of the vid because it rang so true for the canon. Gah okay, I'll stop now.

(Deleted comment)
Yay! I've been working on this video for a while. I'm glad you liked it. :D

I loved it. You have to come to VVC next year so I can burble at you. No wait, come to Bascon this fall so I can burble earlier.

I showed a few of your vids this weekend again and there was much happy burbling.

I did mention I loved the vid?

I want to go, too! I want to immerse myself, days on end, in vidding and fandom. At the same time, the idea still terrifies me. On one level, it's 'what if they don't like my vids?' on another its 'what if they don't like *me*?' But if I can ever save the money and not have a need for the rainy-day cash pop up or an unpaid bill fall at my feet then hell yeah, I'm going to take that risk. But there I go, rambling about conventions again. ::sighs at self::

People burbled over me? Well, I'm burbling right back. Happily :D

BTW, when should the HQ version of The Boy Was A Puppet be finished by? And should I send it to you or straight to the con? I'm still online in a limited way, but when I am on, it's on highspeed wireless, so I'm sure I could send it through online if that's what's needed.

I'm really glad you liked the video. It was intense to make. Lots of hair pulling involved. Thank you for the feedback. :D

I just love this video. The beginning of it has a very artsy look to it, and the song is absolutely amazing. I just love Sarah Slean.

Sarah Slean is AMAZING. The range of her voice... the range of her SONGS... I can't get enough of her. Thank you for the feedback.

(Deleted comment)
The elavator shaft is a personal favorite SPN moment of mine. And it was absolutely made to be used as a 'climbing to heaven' metaphor. I literally squealed when I first saw it. Thank you for the feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed the vid, and that you might again. :D

That is such a perfect video for our boys! Dean is totally Sam's angel! I love how you have that scene from Bloody Mary where Dean is walking to the light. and I'm amazed you found so many clips of Sam looking up as if there is an angel really above him. Great job... perfect song for the Winchesters!

Thank you for the feedback. :D

So, rather unexpectedly, I loved it! Hah! The beginning is stellar with all the shots of Sammy-boy looking heavenward and I just love the quick, meaningful cuts you make. It jumps to the next scene just after it's broken my heart again.

I agree that the song takes you in many ways and reading your notes about it is real illuminating, Dean certainly became more than anyone might have guessed, and through him, I think Sam became back-lit in a beautiful, sad sort of way. My poor boys.

that kind of delicate push and pull in the music, never outright stated, and when it IS stated, it rips your stomach out with a simple note of the piano... I definitely felt this.

Dean certainly became more than anyone might have guessed, and through him, I think Sam became back-lit in a beautiful, sad sort of way.

What a lovely way to put it. I couldn't agree more, and I think it works that way with Sam's characterization --- Dean became more beautiful and more interesting because of Sam as well. It's like they are each a source of light that is only seen when obstructed by the other. Their characterizations are a RESUlT of each other.

Yes, okay, I go on and on about it, but the way they love each other, familial, not, brings me to my knees. Even when they HATE each other, it's that intense, desperate type of hate that knocks the breath out of me. I can't get enough of these boys.

Thank you so much for your comments.

I loved this vid. It's probably my favorite of yours, because it's so simple but so well executed. I especially loved the whole Sam as captive angel imagery. The beginning was haunting and the flashbacks to the elevator were very well done and added a great deal of depth to the video. There's a very spiritual feel to this vid imagistically and not just lyrically. Its haunting. A work of art. Congrats.

It's probably my favorite of yours, because it's so simple but so well executed. </i>

I'm so glad you think so. I spent a lot of time on this one.

Sam as a captive Angel is something that has followed me around since nearly the start of the show, because I've loved this song for a long time, have been waiting for a the right source to vid it to. And Sam feels... so trapped to me, but a lot of that prison is of his own making, like the more he struggles, the more he gets tangled up. And Dean doesn't help the situation any, clearly, because who wants to let go of that last shred of happiness, which is what I think Sam represents to Dean? /ramble

There's a very spiritual feel to this vid imagistically and not just lyrically.

I love that you say that, because I thought about including more religous imagery and symbolism, but that seemed too much like an anvil to the head... not as intenalized as I wanted this video to be. Thank you very much for your feedback.

You slay me, woman. I love the part where Dean falls. And the Elevator Shaft Of Asenscion. SO powerful. And the song is perfect. I've never heard of her but I'll look more into Sarah.

Such a perfect "I am back!" gift.

Thank you! And I'm glad you'll look into more of her music. Her lyrics are ALWAYS interesting, and she has an incredible voice.

This video is a little piece of heaven.

I love. So much.

The zoom is your friend. You used it so expertly, and the fade and hopping from clip to clip that you used, between the young Winchesters and the ones we know today... brilliant!

Add the lyrics to this mix, and really. Bloody brilliant! I wish I could sound a bit more coherant, but it moved me too much. I was fucking crying. ^^

Simply put - Bravo. I want to have your babies. :)

PS. I really wanna pimp this mofo. Do you mind if I send people your way?

Yay! Thank you for the feedback. I'm really happy that you liked it, and of course, pimp it to your heart's content. :D

Bravo! So good. Thanks.

even if I read Dean as female sometimes, despite all his cock-rock and cock-walk

Oh, definitely. Of the two, Sam is definitely the more masculine, in the ways he acts, relates to others and the world, the way he thinks.

And Dean has taken on many traditionally female roles -- caregiver, mediator.. And the way he relates to music, sex, his possessions, are all very stereotypically feminine, in that he treats them as extensions of his personality, of who he is, rather than as symbols of status or virility (although they certainly are that, too.)

I don't mean that Dean is "girly" or that I think his fundamental masculine qualities are lessened or eradicated, that he isn't undeniably male; that it's an either/or, because I don't think it is. Even with Sam's powers and visions, I think it's Dean who is the more spiritual person; it's almost as if Sam were born with some part of him missing. .. Or that it only feels that way, because his mind, body, and spirit aren't integrated in any satisfying way -- I often feel this about men and women who are living out a very static male/female role. All of this is completely subjective, of course, and probably inappropriate.

And yes, definitely, you can't discuss or portray one brother without mentioning the other. It's just how it is. It's who they are. I'm a Dean girl, myself, but I love Sammy so much, and it's inevitable and necessary, because Sam is the center of Dean's world.

Hm? What's that? Characters in a tv show and therefore not real and not worth the emotion I'm so obviously investing in them? Oh, okay, if you say so.


Hee! I love discussion like this. :D I'll be back later to reply with a few of my own thoughts.

Poor Dean! *sob* Great video!

I was linked here from TWoP, and oh! *flutters* That was beautifully done. The composition was just incredible, and I got all verklempt watching it. :) The lyrics don't quite work for me (Dean's let Sam go his own way far too many times in the show for me to believe he's "chaining him down" like the girl with her angel), but I still really enjoyed it. Great job! :)

Yay! Glad you liked it. I don't think I mean it necessarily as Dean is physically keeping Sam with him, so much as I mean he won't let Sam die to reach his goals, though I didn't stop myself from adding levels of Dean is happiest when with Sam, so why won't Sam say? But then, I think videos are also a lot of interpretation, so it's whatever you see in it, also. I aaaaalwaaaays like talking motive. I think a lot of Dean letting Sam go is love, and I think a lot of it is also not having a lot of options to do otherwise. I think he'd spend his life trying to change Sam's mind, in his own ways. Coming for Sam to help find his father was a way at taking a chance, imho, of reaching out and bringing Sam back. Okay, I need to stop now. I could talk about this all day.

That was breathtaking! I am so in love with this video. Sarah Slean is one of my all time favorite singers, so I was thrilled you used her again. And I have to admit, I'm a Dean girl all the way. Much squeeing occurred while waiting to download this. I love your use of zooms & close-ups. Also, I love the juxtaposition of similar imagery between young & old brothers (if that made any sense)...such as Baby Sam behind bars in the crib with older Sam in the cage. Brilliant! Also, the use of a particular motion, such as people looking up. Beautiful, beautiful video. And Dean needs a hug. Preferably from Sam.

Whee! I'm so glad that you liked it and that the behind-bars Sam to behind-crib Sam worked for you on that level, since it is a favorite moment of mine. Thank you so much for the feedback.