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New Vid: Hemorrhage (SPN, Gen)
samclose - literati
One soul on a platter, served extra crispy.

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Title: Hemorrhage
Song Artist: Fuel
Video Artist: Fabella (wistful_fever)
Summary: Your world ends when you choose. Gen. Relationship Study. Dean, Sam.
Fandom: Supernatural
Spoilers: Season 1, Season 2
Length: 3:21 min
Format: avi

Warning: This video contains scenes from episode 2x10, the latest Supernatural epsiode aired at this posting date.

Download Links
Hosted on Obsessive24.net: (right click, save target as)
47.8mb (zipped)
28.6mb (zipped)

47.8 mb, avi (megaupload)
28.6 mb, avi (sendspace)
28.6 mb, avi (YSI)
Streaming Video @ Imeem

A permanent version will be up eventually. My FTP is still broken. *face/palm*

Links Last Updated: 05/02/08

Downloading/Watching Information

a) You're going to need a divx codec to play this, and a lot of other vids. Go to divx.com to download. It's free, it's fast, it doesn't take long to set up. If your enjoy songvids, it's worth the extra effort.

b) Quality is directly related to size.

c) If you're going to link to this, please link to the journal entry only, not directly to the video link, and please do not post this video elsewhere without my permission.

Source Details
Nuclear Test Footage

Feedback is always welcome.

I really enjoyed this. Oh, Dean. Dean, you hurt so prettily. Sam too, but Dean. Bless him.

They very much are reliant on each other. Putting, trusting their lives to each other. And gen or not, you can't do a SPN vid without the relationship with the brothers. It's strong and binding and desperately protective.

This showed that. And John *sniff*. I miss John.

And gen or not, you can't do a SPN vid without the relationship with the brothers. It's strong and binding and desperately protective.

That is SO true. That's a struggle when making an SPN vid, figuring out what the right label is. Even the Gen videos end up looking slashy. Then again, how cool is it that our fandom is so filled with the love that people who wouldn't normally enjoy a gen video get to whole heartedly? I read gen fic now. GEN fic. Before Supernatural, it had to be very, very good and rec'd to me for me to do that.

Oh, so hurtful. They're both so desperate not to be left, not to be alone, and they have only each other.

So very true.

Thank you for responding. And your icon brings me a terrifying level of joy.

That was absolutely heart wrenching. I loved the blur effect you used, especially on Dean at 3:08. That was like a punch in the gut. Also, brilliant job on lightening some of those shots.

Awesome vid.

Thank you! :) I'm glad you liked the blurs. And man, yeah, lightening Supernatural --- tricky work.

Wow. Really nice work here! I absolutely loved the opening shots with John flatlining then that pull in on Dean and the nuclear blast. You can't ask for a more poetic expression of how Dean was feeling there. That's good stuff! ;)

I loved the recurring theme of Dean taking care of/protecting Sam both as adults and as children. And what a powerful ending with Dean blurring away! Emotional and really nicely done from beginning to end! I enjoyed it so much! ♥

I loved the recurring theme of Dean taking care of/protecting Sam both as adults and as children.

Every time I see that scene where Dean is cooking for Sam, I melt a little. It becomes a full on sniffle when Sam offers Dean the prize out of the Lucky Charms box. *dies*

Ehm. Thanks for the feedback! :)

I am in a massive state of WOW after watching this (three times in a row, by the way).

Goodness, talk about nailing how these two brothers only have each other now that daddy's gone. To each other, they are the whole world.

I know I'll be watching several more times in the next few days and getting all thoughty about this vid, but right now, I'll just leave it at WOW.

Yay! I'm so glad that you enjoyed it (and watched it more than once). Thank you for the feedback.

To each other, they are the whole world.

*nods and points*

A very big part of what I wanted this video to say.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks! I'm glad you liked it, and that the blurs weren't too much. :)

Wow! This was absolutelly incredidble! I'm speechless!

So, another amazing SPN video!

I liked so many things, parallels that I hadn't even realized were going on - the locking of the door in Something Wicked to keep the evil out and then the locking of the door in Croatoan to keep it in - all the times that Sam has physically fallen and Dean's there to pick him up, the Metallicar sequence, those few smiley moments with all the pain.

The nuclear blasts mixed in worked perfectly, along with those great blurs, particularly the one at the end that makes Dean disappear. Oh, the anguish and the love!

Yay! Videos! If I do a video rec segment on the SPN podcast I write for, do you mind if I rec this and link here?

I'm really glad that you liked it! :) And of course, you can link it/pimp it however you want --- I could always do with a pusher. ;)

I'm one smitten kitten. This is fantastic. Loved all the blurring and flashback-y stuff and oh, just all of it. SO. GOOD.

Yay! I'm smitten by your response, so we're even. *g*

Amazing vid as always.
It's one of my fave songs and u just made brilliant job with so much sense in it.
So thanks a lot. I need to watch it again to see all the pieces you wanted to show.

Damn I am speechless!!! I was honestly 'mouth agape' speechless with this vid...it blew me away....Brilliant from the start titles, the editing to the end...bravo...keeper...awesome work

Thank you so much!

I have so much love for this video. I do. First of all I am astounded by your ability to tell a story with the song. Secondly, the song was most definately a perfect choice for an spn vid. The boys hurt so beautifully dont they? I have so much love for them. Bravo for an amazing video! I love your editting style too, so smooth. Damn you're good. :)

WHEE! There is tons of awesome in your feedback. Thank you.

I floved it! I've seen some of your vids and I have to say that you're extremely talented! I really love this one becuz it expresses just how much the boys are going through and how much they need each other! Great job:)

That's a great compliment. Thank you. :)

Oh hold me now I feel contagious

Great opening titles and absolutely amazing integration of the source footage and the atomic boom footage. I love the clip choice for was it something you left behind. There’s something about the clip you choose at :50 is Dean all tiny in the background with the giant EXIT sign in the foreground. Expert time toggling and effects use. You follow through sequences, like the blood and the beautiful car sequence wonderfully. In the car sequence I can feel the time passing with them. Aww, the recurring theme of doors get me. The ending is lovely with blurring Dean and desaturating Sam to black and white.

Re: Oh hold me now I feel contagious

Thank you so much for the feedback. The car sequence is probably my favorite. I'm glad you liked it as well. :)

... okay, all I can do is cry. And watch it again. And then CRY SOME MORE.