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New Vid: What Goes Around (Heroes)
merlin is shifty - julesoh
I... don't know where these ideas come from. *hands*

Video Details

Title: What Goes Around
Song Artist: Justin Timberlake
Video Artist: Fabella (wistful_fever)
Summary: What do you get when you mix a serial killer with love? Or: Mohinder shacking up is in no way going to impress Sylar. AT ALL. Mohinder/Sylar, with a side of implied M3. Sylar POV.
Fandom: Heroes S1, S2
Length: 3:21
Format: xvid avi

Warnings: M/M, violence, slight spoilers for second season

Disclaimer: Heroes does not belong to me. The song does not belong to me. No money is being made from this creation.

Download Details

61.1mb @ megaupload (best quality)
48.3mb @ media fire
Watch On-Line @ imeem
Watch On-Line @ youtube

Links Last Updated: 11/25/07

Brief (VERY BRIEF) Vidder Notes: The song choice is... unusual, I know. I can't be the only one to find Justin Timberlake seriously creepy and stalker-esque, though, right? Personally I think JT + Serial Killer Love Song = Win. I admit that it took a little to suck it up and let myself do this video, to *this* song, but after making the uber-emo Chad Michael Murray video that time? Well, I really consider nothing off limits as long as I try my best to make it work. Also, I love the rhythm of this song, the scope of it; the sound is very broad, cinematic, and much like JT took advantage of that sound to bring his... er... creepfest of a video, I used that sound to emphasis the 'movie every week' feel of Heroes. Plus. The movement of Sylar man. The movement. I wasn't always his biggest fan, but he won me over in the end. Yes, he did. In an utterly creepy way. But there's a lot of that going around.

Feedback is always welcome.

Oh my god! I love you! That was just...the best kind of crack. Brilliantly edited! The continuous movement was amazing.


I'm really glad you liked it. I have no self control about which songs I vid to, I swear.

Very cool. I never have any idea what sort of feedback to give for videos, but I really like this one, so there's that. I felt the song choice worked really well and I totally agree that there's a really weird vibe to JT's songs. This one especially.

Any feedback is good feedback, so don't feel weird about it. :D Thank you for responding!

Gooooooorgeous vid! I love the pattern of the clips with the music and yeah, that song is only extremely stalker-like and fits surprisingly well with those two :D Thanks for the upload, I can't wait to watch again and again~

Isn't it just creepy? But in a really-really great way? Way to be a stalker, JT.

My initial response: HA! GLEE!

My slightly more coherent response: Such an unexpected pairing/song combo. I loved the initial shots of Mohinder running. And the implication of jealousy as a reason for Sylar's, um, what is that technically, throwing? throwing the bullets back at Matt was a highlight. All in all I'm so going to end up watching this one again (and again).

There need to be way more Sylar/Mohinder vids like this out there :D

Thank you so much! Yeah, I didn't expect the idea myself. It kind of kicked me in the head.

Now that's the kind of Sylar vid I want to see!!! How delightfully subversive!

You made me cackle out loud in spots. Great clip choice & editing. You definitely have the whole creepy stalker vibe down perfectly.


Yay! I'm glad you liked it.

Oh, WOW.

Loved this. Never thought I'd like listening to a song by Justin Timberlake, but your vid totally won me over. I wish there were more Mylar vids like this out there; MAEK MOAR PLZ?!

*grins* I'm a pusher, I admit it.

Oh, that was perfect! I especially loved the scene with the tuning fork and how you synched it with the music. The overall flow of the video was just perfect as well, and I loved the way you ended it with a shot of Sylar walking away. Just wow ♥

P.S. I love your other vids way too much as well :D

Awww, thank you. That shot at the end was a spur of the moment thing. I originally had it ending on the shot of the blood streak, but I was watching clips, and I thought it would be cooler to have it end with Sylar walking through the streets, among us, blending in. *shrugs* I'm kinda big on melodrama.

Wow that was really excellent.... The editing was spot on plus excellent use of the lyrics. 2 thumbs up :D

And I agree, JT is very creepy in that vid LOL


Thanks! And I think everyone feels Justin couldn't be any creepier. It's nice to know I'm not alone. Not that Justin being creepy is a BAD thing, mind. It adds character.

Even though I get the creepy stalker vibe from Justin too, I don't think I would've thought put a Sylar POV vid and this song together, but you are so right for doing so. Your goal was to make it work, and you really succeed here. I watched this last night and have had it stuck in my head all day. The editing recontextualizes the canon so well, and Sylar's pov is really tight throughout. Great job, dude.

It was incidental that the idea popped into mine. It involved an ipod, and an obsessive replaying of mohinder/sylar scenes... and to be honest, I love a few of JT's songs. He has a unique voice, and for what it lacks in fullness, he often makes up for that with interesting musical background.

If this video worked for you, context-wise, I think the trick in most cases would have to be not straying far beyond the context in the first place, only making implications (unless you have clips like the ones Supernatural would provide, with possessed characters), so the story only deviates slightly, if at all. I've done AU vids before, and oddly, this one doesn't feel much like one. It just feels like a probable answer to the question: what will happen when Sylar finds out Mohinder is playing the happy family with Matt and Molly?

Thanks so much for the feedback, man. It's much appreciated.

First, let me say that I am super-impressed at how many shots of people turning around you found. Attention to detail! Kudos! ;) Also, fan-fucking-tastic video. I can imagine Sylar/Mohinder must be tough to vid, with so few scenes to use, but you absolutely made the pairing seem compelling. Thanks so much for sharing.

Attention to detail! Kudos! ;)

Oh man, how much trouble organizing the spinning clips into anything coherent gave me. I'm really glad that worked for you. Thank you for the feedback.

(Deleted comment)
I'm glad you decided to comment on this one. :)

In the sort of creepy-stalker way, of course.

Naturally. Is there any other way to like Mohinder/Sylar?

I'd also like to add that Mohinder is ridiculously gorgeous. I mean, yes, I knew that, but several of the shots in that vid reminded me of it very suddenly. XD

OMG, yes. When Sylar first sees him? You can actually see everything slot into place for him; he is immediately captivated by Mohinder. That is the moment that made the pairing for me. And, er, everything that followed. But that moment at the door? It was almost not creepy at all.

Oh my, this is fantastic. The song choice and the clips and the editing, guh! So great! :D

SQUEEE!!!!! This is TEH AWESOME. All of Sylar's acts motivated by Mohinder-love, I could totally get behind that.

I'm running out of download limit so I had to watch it streaming, so timestamps are a bit difficult. I particularly liked the continued turning around 1:25, and all the reversed clips are just genius. And all the spinny and continued motion from 2:45 onward? I'm dizzy with yay. :D

I adore this. The song choice for this pairing, makes perfect sense to me. You did an awesome job of showing the dysfunctional relationship between Sylar + Mohinder (poor jealous Sylar); the last scene of him walking away feels prophetic.

This was really fantastic, you did an awesome job.


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