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merlin is shifty - julesoh


I am a woman of a certain reputation.

Expect ass baby crack candy!

New Vid: Battlefield (BBC!Sherlock)
merlin is shifty - julesoh
Song by Susie Suh
Video by Fabella
Sherlock (BBC) 1&2.
John: beside Sherlock. John: alone. Who is he? More importantly, *why* is he? Series 1&2 spoilers. Sherlock+John, John, Sherlock.

Watch @ youtube, or download @ 4shared.

This video has been in process since the second series first played, but I couldn't nail it down until the boyfriend gave in and watched it with me. After watching the whole series over the span of a few nights, I sat down determined to pull the strings of this video together and release it into the wild, because it was a shame to see such a loved video sitting so close to complete for so long. It is a video that I cannot exactly qualify as slash or romantic, but I wouldn't come close to saying it isn't either---they just have that type of relationship, don't they? So I will say, it examines them as they are (how I see them), so take that how you wish. I don't expect a lot of people to still be watching vids from me, as I do not participate in fandom anymore, but if I'm wrong, I'd love to hear about it. Naturally, I'm still a fiend for feedback.

Two years in the making, huh? Hopefully you like it. If not, *face/palm*.

eta: obsessive24 has already posted a great video to this song. Hivemind, yes? *face/palm* *face/palm* Either way, check it out!