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New Vid: Black Velvet (Kurt, Glee)
merlin is shifty - julesoh
...and the video that has been kicking my butt for a month. Finally, a full length Glee vid finished!

Title: Black Velvet
Song Artist: Alannah Myles
Video Artist: Fabella (wistful_fever)
Source: Glee (Season 1 & 2, up to 2x06)
Summary: Kurt was always going to get out of this town... a character study.
Disclaimer: Glee and "Black Velvet" do not belong to me. Neither are being represented in the fashion the creators intended. I think.
Length: 2:34 divx avi

Downloads & Streams

44.38mb @ megaupload
Watch @ youtube

This video is actually a message of hope and power. It's my video about Kurt's influence on the world around him. It's a video that could have gone a very different direction, but I wanted to show reality mixed with the splash of life that IS Kurt. If you can't tell by this video, I really love this character. I want so much for him. This is a glimpse of him. This is how I see him. I focused heavily on movement and the reactions of others around him. I wanted him to perform his life for us, the exciting and the tragic, I wanted all of it, and I wanted it dramatic. It evolved from an idea I had when I was watching "Were The World Mine" about making a video that is pure performance start to finish. This is... well, it's something like that anyway.

This song was never going to be vidded about anyone else for me. This song says it all, what power there is to enrapture within the right voice, from the right mouth, from the right face. Watching 2x06 finally tied the video together for me. This has been my baby. Treat it well.

Feedback tremendously welcome. I slaved over a hot stove all day to make you this!

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Oh, that's fantastic! *applauds* Really beautifully put together.

(Here via vidding; I don't watch Glee. :-)

I'm so glad you like it! Yay!

This is so many kinds of awesome. I wasn't sure how the song could possibly work with Glee, but you made my heart break and yet still be hopeful for Kurt. Beautiful :)

To me it's the ultimate song about celebrity, and as that's so important to Kurt, I thought hey, let's try this... and yes, it immediately all made sense to me :)

(Deleted comment)
I've always wanted to vid that song for that exactly reason. It's a goodie. I'm glad it worked for someone besides myself.

Wonderful, wonderful! *applauds* You may be single-handedly responsible for getting me to watch Glee. I've resisted thus far, but Kurt is seriously tempting me...

He's what lead me over, to be honest. And Mercedes. And Finn, a little. And Sue. And Becky. Okay, I'm going to stop. Thank you for watching even though it's not your show *sqishes* :)

This vid was just totally gorgeous and mesmerizing. I can't stop watching it on loop. :)

Yay! Best thing I could hear.

I really enjoyed this, thanks for sharing! :)
*downloads and saves on computer*

Thank you for sharing, that was really beautiful vid!

Love it! Great editing and I like the choice of song as well.

Oh, beautiful. Kurt has my heart, and you've just captured him here, in all the glorious and ridiculous and painful and joyful experience of finding your way in the world when you're not quite what it expects.

(Btw, watched this on youtube and I'd love to dl, but the megaupload link doesn't seem to be working. Halp?)

Tried to leave a reply yesterday and lj died. DX
Absolutely epic.
Seriously, if you'd asked me before-hand if I thought Black Velvet was the right song for a Kurt vid I would've said no, which is why I know nothing and you make amazing vids XD
I loved it.

Even if I didn't already love this song, this video is amazing. I was just going to watch it at first but as soon as it finished I just had to download it. I really like that you captured so many of the different sides of Kurt, strong, proud, brittle, hurt, sad. It's fantastic.

I haven't watched Glee since last season, but this was riveting regardless. The images just pop! Beautiful.

Wow, this is amazing. I don't watch Glee(and, uh, I'm really never going to, sadly), but this tells such a strong and vivid story, it's like this effortless constant shift between intensely stylized and completely raw. It's really going to stick with me.

Oh my god. This is GORGEOUS and wonderful and I just.. I LOVE the editting so much I can barely stand it, and the lesser-seen clips you chose are just perfect. Wow. WOW.

Thank you for making this, and for sharing it. <3

OMG, this is goooooorgeous! I feel like I just got swept away to another world for a couple of minutes there... and from what I understand of Kurt's character (as filtered to me through fandom), that's completely appropriate because he has an ability to transport others. It is epicly beautiful and I can feel your love for the character in every second. I also feel a pressing need to watch it A LOT. You are SO BRILLIANT!

I absolutely adored this. Wonderful.

This was so fantastic! It really captured Kurt, who I love, and your cuts following the movements so they all flowed together-- amazing. Thank you for sharing this. :)

And your delicious gourmet was readily appreciated until Youtube decided it was too good for normal eyes to feast on. Thankfully MegaUpload disagrees!

Really this is an awesome video and I'm so glad I found the download link. It's extremely obvious that you put a lot of effort into this. And it makes me laugh how you probably unintentionaly compared Kurt to Elvis. I love all yor (glee)videos, but I'm looking forward to anymore Kurtcentric videos you decide to grace us with.

I logged in to comment on this right away. Thank you so much for your feedback. It thrills me that you picked up on the Elvis comparison, because it's something I was very much aware of. It's not a perfect fit, but Kurt pings high on the "classic" scale to me, in the sense that he is an old school type of wonderful, and the musicality and obsession suggested by this song felt so very right to me. I'm glad it worked for you.

And I am so very sure there will be more Kurt videos.

I cannot remember who recc'd this or where, but I downloaded it because I love the song and I love Kurt and I just got around to watching it and had to search you out to say how gorgeous and heartbreaking this is. The clips and coloring are lovely and really, Chris Colfer does some amazing things with his face and you've captured that beautifully here. I was literally speechless and crying at the end of this. wonderful work.

Wow! Absolutely wonderful!

This is officially my favourite Glee vid EVER. I would have never imagined the song would work for Kurt, or for this silly show, but the atmosphere you manage to create here... it's not even just about Kurt, but about how Kurt stands out in that forgotten town and some of that strange light he has leaves traces in the world around him. How Finn and Rachel and Sam and Blaine and the viewers see him shine in those wonderful little glimpses of everything that makes Kurt so wonderful, so vulnerable and sad and brave. The movement, the beats, the dancing, the setting- it just comes together beautifully.

I swear, I'm not stalking your lj (third comment in 10 minutes, I think), I just found all these amazing glee vids you did and can't help myself *g* After having watched Howl, this vid was such a relief. Because hey, Kurt is going to get out of that school, and that town, and be brilliant! Thanks you, and also, downloaded the vid.

Great vid, and great character study of Kurt: vulnerable, but not retreating. I liked Kurt's looks of wariness (and defiantly haughty determination) for the credits, and opening with the two-face Jazz Hot pose to set the tone for how Kurt is going to respond to the world. The spinning -- alarmed, but ready to turn it into a strength. Good flow for "that slow southern style" (which I kept hearing as "sullen style"). At "Love Me Tender"/"the way he moved", you show off well how he's confident in his sexuality (even if it makes people nervous or worse), something that makes his character so admirable even when you're wincing. And all the sweet moments for Kurt too. "Every word"/"for you" really made the vid, though. I didn't read it as "he was always going to get out of this town", but as he was always going strike it big, always going to find an audience that would vindicate him. I very much enjoyed your vid (which was easily twice as coherent as this feedback; sorry 'bout that...)

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