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Vid: Girl with One Eye (Harper's Island)
on a swing - red_candles
I've been working on this video for a *while*. It started, as it seems to for me lately, with an entirely different song. Concept first for this one. And then I happened to connect the dots between this song and this concept and bam, I've been dedicated the few spare minutes I have these days to setting this time-line in place.

It struggled, but here it is, my first and probably only Harper's Island vid (though there is this one other song...)

Title: Girl with One Eye
Song Artist: Florence + the Machine
Video Artist: Fabella wistful_fever
Source: Harper's Island
Summary: You can never go home again... unless you're dragged there. Abby, Wakefield, Henry, with major undertones of Abby/Henry and Abby/Jimmy. Gen. Het. Horror.
Disclaimer: Harper's Island and "Girl with One Eye" do not belong to me.
Warnings: Slight gore, violence, bright colors, stalking, and flavors of implied incestuous longing
Length: 3:39min, DivX Avi

Download @ 4shared (74mb), or watch online @ youtube.
(links updated 2/18/12)

Feedback would be *super*.

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That was brilliantly spooky and really captured the smiling menace. Beautiful island, beautiful people -- horrible evil stalking.

Never quite sure I bought Henry's motives on the show itself, but it was a thrill ride to watch as momentum grew and this vid took me right back to watching it with my hands over my eyes :-)

I liked the jarring cuts as reality was redefined and altered in the light of each new clue and death.

OH MY GOD, I LOVE THIS. I freaking enjoyed the hell out of this show and this is like the perfect vid for it. I never, ever would have connected this song to Harper's Island, but you made it WORK OMG. Love love love the yellow coloring. Ack! So awesome!! :D

Wow, what a ride! This shade of yellow is utterly brilliant. I hardly blinked while watching this: the momentum of the song and of the visuals just sweeps you away, Flo's voice is like raking nails on skin, and the choppiness is just so freaking awesome.

oh wowww, that was amazing.
your editing is just spectacular!

Oh, that was marvelous - never seen the show but I am now very freaked out :-).

Oooh, this is amazingly creepy and lovely, and what a fitting song for Abby!

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