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New Vid: Your Throat / My Teeth (Teen Wolf)
on a swing - red_candles
"I am not afraid of you Good Taste, I can vid what I want!"

And then I marathoned Teen Wolf, and then I wept painfully at my own weakness, and then here you go. A vid.

Title: Your Throat / My Teeth
Song Artist: Bruno Mars
Video Artist: Fabella wistful_fever
Source: Teen Wolf (up to 1x10)
Summary: "It's called lycanthropy." Derek, Derek/Stiles. Yeah, don't deny the animal magnetism, okay?
Disclaimer: Teen Wolf and "The Other Side" do not belong to me.
Length: 1:28min, DivX Avi

Download @ 4shared (54mb), or watch online @ youtube.
(links updated 2/18/12)

Send feed back if you dare (I'll be gentle!)

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ha ha damn you! This was gorgeous and you did a great job of constructing UST. Now I want to check this show out too.

hah! I love Derek/Stiles. They are hardly in scenes together, but when they are they are so good together. Thanks for this!

loved it! holyshit i want that turned into like a movie <3

this is great! love it! great job

Fabells, I am convinced my computer has some issues when it comes to your vids. The last two I've tried to play have not played smoothly. It's utterly frustrating and I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong. Am I missing codecs? Have I not got the correct program installed? I want to revel in the pretty and my computer is like, "Nope!"


But what I have seen is lovely stuff! And being that I am completely unfamiliar with Teen Wolf, all context is completely lost on me. I have a feeling I will always enjoy it better this way. ;)

Great vid! Fun and sexy, in a way that I think really fits these two characters. BTW, I'm another fan, like yourself, who marathoned Teen Wolf just in time for the season finale and fell hook line and sinker for the Derek and Stiles dynamic.

*claps loudly*

everything about this is absolutely fantastic! <333

I think I just watched this a million times in a row. SO GOOD. And so well put together.

This vid is wonderful. In a teeny, tiny fandom like Teen Wolf, it's especially awesome to see something of this quality. Thank you for making it!

Ahhhh Teen Wolf! You are vidding in Teen Wolf fandom! You are vidding Derek/Stiles!! My life is complete!

*points to my icon*

I have been rewatching this - again and again since I found it.
It's glorious. A glorious take on derek/stiles. all the right scenes.. just. :X Man, I don't have the words, sorry. I just love it.

PS: also, following, hoping you won't mind.

Big Brother has taken down megaupload and I can't view this on the tubes due to copyright bruhaha, so would you be so kind to put a link up for elsewhere, please?

Seconding this request. Please?

Updated the links! sorry about the wait!

Thirded. Perhaps mediafire?

Uploaded to 4shared! Sorry about the wait!

Ah! Thank you so much. I just watched it and it's awesome. I think I might actually start watching the show, just because that was so good.

Finally refreshed the links on this, in case you're still interested :)

Yay and I indeed am!

:) I really enjoyed the pacing of the vid and how everything was really fluid.

Loooooooooooooove! <3

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