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merlin is shifty - julesoh


I am a woman of a certain reputation.

Expect ass baby crack candy!

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New Vid: Pack (Teen Wolf)
merlin is shifty - julesoh
This is a video inspired by a couple fannish tropes, one being the "werewolf pack" fun times that are had in many a fic. I regret nothing... but the lack of Jackson/Stiles fic. My life would be fuller were it to exist, I think.

Title: Pack
Song Artist: David Guetta
Video Artist: Fabella wistful_fever
Source: Teen Wolf (Season 1)
Summary: More was passed through that scratch Derek left on Jackson than anyone knew, including an abrupt fascination with all things Stiles. Teen Wolf, S1, Derek/Stiles, Stiles/Jackson, Jackson-centric. Slash.
Disclaimer: Teen Wolf and "Getting Over You" do not belong to me.
Warning: Angsty teenage boys, and some quick clips.
Length: 2:25min, DivX Avi

Download @ 4shared (36mb) or grab the super high quality version at a stunning 96mb. You can also watch it online @ youtube.

(links updated 2/18/12)

As far as notes go, I'm not feeling the idea of typing too much up right now. I tried out a couple of effects with this one, and I modified the look of the source quite a bit, but it's a fairly simple video visually. My biggest point of pride with this one comes at the very last shot. You'll see why. :)

Send feedback and I'll bake you cookies. No, okay, so I won't. But I'll eat cookies and think of you. And write me some porn? Please?

I loved the quick clips, and how all the moments that built up through the song suddenly swirled into this overwhelming sense of Jackson being taken over and fighting for his own sense of self. Great song choice, too!

Oddly not total crack, right? LOL, glad you liked it.


This is awesome!

More was passed through that scratch Derek left on Jackson than anyone knew, including an abrupt fascination with all things Stiles.

*cough*Someone*cough* might have left a prompt like this over at teenwolfkink.

Fantastic job!

Edit: Oh, and I forgot to mention, that part near the end where it switches back and forth between Jackson and Derek smirking is totally the best part of the vid. Seeing the same expression on both their faces creeped me out a little. But, you know, in a good way :)

Edited at 2011-10-21 01:52 am (UTC)

Yay! Glad the vid worked for you. And the end is my favorite part two. I worked for ages on changing jackson's eye color in that last segment.

... I just want to read epic Jackson/Stiles that is epic. Is that wrong? lol.

Wow, that was absolutely fantastic! And also very, very HOT.

Great job!

Somehow as I've gotten older, I've gotten shallower... guys shoving each other around is totally a button of mine :)

THAT. WAS. AWESOME. Why am I not watching this show already??? The amount of beefcake on display in this vid is SHOCKING. Shocking, I tell you. *drools*

But, seriously, amazing editing here: the lightning-fast sequences after the break at 1:10 blew my mind. Well done, you. :D

(Deleted comment)
Hands down, the best video in the fandom by far.

Oh yay! This was brilliant! ♥

I might be able to come up with some Jackson/Stiles at some point.

The shriek-y noise that came out of my mouth when I saw you'd made a Teen Wolf vid was simply not human.

This vid was absolutely wonderful and so many of the things I have been dying to see in a Teen Wolf vid.

*goes to rewatch*

Loved it! I love the way the clips were fast paced and how angsty they were. It wen't really well together with the beat of the song. :D

Gheeeze I am going to dl this vid as well and keep it on my phone so I can watchit in bed again *LOL*

You make amazing vids. Loved it!

You want porn? You get porn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Derek smelled the arousal that got off the boy. Derek would bet he could make the boy come just from the work out and constantly saying his name.

“Stiles!” he whispered darkly.

“Huh?” the boy asked absent, too focused on his abs and the slight sweat that made Derek’s body glister.

Derek sat up and took the teens hands again, slowly dragging them over is body.

“You feel that?” Derek whispered.

Stiles breathing hitched when his fingers made contact with his abs. Slowly poking every muscle.

“You feel the ripple of every muscle under your hand?”

The boys eyes brightened and suddenly Derek was on the floor again and Stile Stilinsky was hovering over him, slowly licking every muscle he just poked with his finger.

“Goooooooood….!” Derek groaned, his muscle flexed under Stiles tongue.

“You gave me quite a show,” Stiles whispered. “I can give you something in return…” Stiles smiled.

Hahahaah hope you liked it...it was from the second chap of my work out storie over at ff.net.

Eee! This is awesome! :DDD

And Jackson/Stiles is definitely an underrated pairing.

I admit it, I totally ooooooooo'ed when Jackson's eyes changed at the end. Brilliant bit of editing there! I really liked it, it was a good vid :D