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New Vid: Rolling in the Deep (White Collar, Peter/Neal)
on a swing - red_candles
Title: Rolling in the Deep
Song Artist: Adele
Video Artist: Fabella wistful_fever
Source: White Collar (through 3x10)
Summary: Man on a ledge: did he fall, was he pushed, or did he jump? The Peter/Neal dynamic as seen with awareness of season 3. Peter/Neal. Angst. Canon adherent.
Disclaimer: White Collar and "Rolling in the Deep" do not belong to me.
Length: 3:48min, DivX Avi

Downloads & Streams
(links updated 2/18/12)

Watch online @ youtube, or chose from 3 download sizes: 170mb, 62mb, or 35mb @ 4shared.

Vidding Notes:

I started vidding this song for 2011's Vividcon, but to a different fanvid completely, focused on another fandom. Now I know why that vid stalled. It was so this video could exist. This crazy little burst of emotion that I wasn't even aware existed in me. This is my revenge fantasy video. This video is a product of a year where I went places in my heart that were darker than I knew existed. The part that wants to own and control and manipulate love to serve our own purpose. Now, us grown ups out here in the real world have to figure out how to deal with those messy emotions without hurting anyone else too much in the process. In the vid world? You can own whom you please.

This video has very much been an obsession for me. I think I started it in November, and to have it already be done... that's extremely fast work for me. Maybe it's because I've been thinking about the song for such a long time, or that Adele's intensity drove me headlong into the process. Either way, I slept, ate, and drank this video. I'm a little reluctant to show it to anyone, because the idea that anyone might not love it as much as I do is a terrifying one.

The editing process was made harder by two things: 1) clipping. so much clipping had to be done. and 2) Peter and Neal are always together! And when they are not, they are apart being awesome! Again, so much clipping! I'm a video editor that has to clip every possible thing I might even want in some possible future involving some unknown song before I can vid. I need to be able to look through my clip library, spot a thumbnail while hearing the segment I'm working on, and have that brilliant moment of inspiration.

For all my whining about clipping, this is a very simplistic video. The song and the source called for the bare bones treatment, all the flash from feeling not effect. I did make it ever so slightly crisper with brightness/contrast enhancements and the sharpening tools at my disposal. I didn't want anything to distract the audience from the interplay between Peter & Neal. I took full advantage of the cool time-lapse shots in the series, and threw that anvil at you guys hard, hope you don't mind. It was just so pretty! And it served dual purposes: to visually cleanse the eye, and as a symbolism. I wanted a subtle structure for this video. It had to have a clean narrative to do the song justice. I had a difficult time keeping focus with so much potential source, but hopefully it shows that I kept a tight rein on myself and narrowed my focus to the specific story I was telling and didn't turn the story into a frolic of differing stories it could have been. As it was, I wanted to showcase both Peter being betrayed by Neal, and the utter way Neal adores Peter even while undermining everything Peter stands for (if anyone has to figure him out, he wants it to be Peter). These things should not be able to exist in the same story. They do. I needed that to come across in the video. That was definitely a goal.

Last, but not least... I can't believe I resisted this show for so long. But, boy am I glad I did. Watching 2 and 1/2 seasons in one go was a delicious.

Please feel free to ask me any questions about my process. I'm trying my hand at vidder transparency. Technical jargon not required.

placeholder comment. I will be back with some thoughts at some point, but I'm just a bit overwhelmed by how this is evocative and intense in a way that I haven't seen before for Peter/Neal vids before, it's awesome and I rewatched it three times in a row already.

Man. As much as I don't like the direction the show has taken in season three, it does provide a lot of excellent vid fodder - such as this.

Wonderful! :)

It sure does. And I think there is time for it to fix itself... hopefully :)

welcome to the wonderfull world that is White Collar!

this is an awesome video! I just love how you`ve combined the scenes, and the way it goes with the music. I love this song, and I`ve been looking for a great vid using it. And yours, is just what I`ve been looking for ;D

Thank you so much for sharing! I`ve made a download, so I can watch it again, and again.

I want you to take this with the full gravity I intend it: This vid is goddamn vicious. It's scary good and scary/good. I'm not going to analyze it too much (jdhfgkjladhjkhkljs FEELS), but the one thing that continued to surprise me were the layers of meaning you added to a song I thought I had pretty well on lock. In particular, that string of "You're gonna wish you never had met me" starting at 2:48 go from straight up revenge fantasy to the altogether more heartbreaking idea of you will wish you'd never met me., and then I died.

Basically: awesome work, thanks for making it, I have to go meditate on all of my ugliest most hurtful capacities now.

This vid is goddamn vicious

THANK YOU. I am so so happy that you feel this way. I cannot underplay hope much I wanted it to be that way. I mean, I wanted there to be layers, because this is a definitely a song with layers (the layering of lyrics made it interesting to vid, hoo boy), but it is definitely a video about a good guy feeling all kinds of nasty vengeful feelings --- imho, he's pretty much got Neal wrapped around his pinky. I wanted to show Neal progressively losing it more and more. I wanted to also reveal how desperate Neal is to keep his foot in Peter's door. When he gets shut out at 2:24, he completely unravels... or that is what I was going for. We've seen hints of what Peter closing that door on him would do to him in canon. I think we need that breakdown to happen in order for them to move past this. Peter is going to break before he bends, I just know it.

Thank you so much for the feedback. The moments you mentioned at 2:48 actually gave me a lump in the throat to place on the timeline. It wasn't a part of the video I struggled with at all. It just felt completely right. Thank you again :)

I love this video so much. It completely sums up the Neal/Peter relationship to me perfectly...definitely the most well-rounded, perfect and intense Neal/Peter vid I've seen. Not to mention technically it is pretty darn amazing! Beautiful beautiful work!

That means a lot to here. I put a lot of work into this one. Thank you :)

adslfkjsa lkfjsa dlkfjsadskfl This beautifully and eloquently encapsulates so much about my feelings for White Collar atm. Oh God. I have tears in my eyes. (And a lot of bitterness in my heart. ETA: I feel I should clarify that the bitterness is about the turns the show has taken, which grar! Neal! *smacks him upside the head* Um. /dork)

Edited at 2011-12-19 03:14 am (UTC)

I feel we need to sit Neal down for an intervention.

Neal, these are your feelings. I am sorry there are so many and that feelings are so hard, but there it is. GO BE AN ADULT NOW, K.

I love Neal so much it hurts me, honestly. But he was running a con on himself the first part of this season if he ever thought he could walk away. It's not just that Peter is in a class of his own and would figure it out. It's that Neal digs his life. He is so utterly okay with the status quo it's a little scary, considering he has a two mile radius. It kind of makes me want that AU fic where instead of dealing with his dirty-copy father by becoming a con, Neal became a cop. A good one. And that he started working with Peter little by little through multiple cases (and they fell in love on all their lunches together of course!!) Oh the money I would pay for that fic.

i haven't watched the show since season 1 but this is gorgeous and surprisingly powerful given how little context i have. i wouldn't have thought this song could still pack a bunch for me given how overplayed it is, but you've made it fresh! now perhaps i should get caught up...

It is totally overplayed! I almost gave up vidding to it, but I couldn't help but remember when I first heard it - it is an epic song. Adele went to the studio the night of a breakup and wrote it then and there, the story goes. You don't get realer than that. Thank you so much for watching and commmenting :)

Clip amazing. I admire anyone who can use tiny bits of clips to point the direction of storyvid. About .55 you show Neal w/ treasure, Peter w/ grand office, then show them on top of the world(sorta). As if their lives had never met and gone different directions. Loved the subtle use of reverse direction clip at end to emphasize the destruction of the relationship. Clever use of different arrests and jail scenes. 5 stars/Grade:A+++++

Aw, you're awesome! Thanks!

WOW! This is gorgeous and just so *right* for Neal and Peter. I just watched it on YouTube, and I'm downloading the huge version so that I can watch it more and see it even better. LOVE.

The vid is excellent, but most of all, I love that ending. You spend so much time building up the mistakes they make, the connection they have, and then you wind it back, playing it in reverse, almost like Neal wishes he could. And you've definitely remained true to the source, giving the vid Adele's intensity and momentum.

HOLY HELL, that is one GORGEOUS vid. *reels*

I haven't seen more than a couple of eps, but of course it wasn't necessary.. it's a gorgeous structure, very compelling, and just visually STAGGERING. I couldn't tear my eyes away.

Great vid and such an appropriate song for this stage of Peter and Neal's relationship! Really enjoyed it, thank you!

Tres cool, and kind of overwhelming - in a good way :)

I just watched this for the first time, but immediately had to come back and DL the highest quality because this vid! I need to watch it over and over! and it will be more beautiful and more heartbreaking in HQ.

I have to say, I thought this song was a bit played out but it's like I've never heard the song before! a vid hasn't made me FEEL this MUCH in a really long time.

this is not very coherent but wow. i really enjoy vids as meta, and vids that are really about the canon of the show, re-showing me what I've already seen but making me see it differently, or more intensely, and this vid is stomping all over my buttons (and my heart!)