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merlin is shifty - julesoh


I am a woman of a certain reputation.

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New Vid: Relax, My Beloved (Dexter)
merlin is shifty - julesoh
Believe it or not, I have made a vid. It's been so long that I am wiping the cobwebs off this journal to share it for the straggling few who might still be interested (if you exist).

Relax, My Beloved.
Song by Alex Clare
Video by Fabella
Dexter (S1-8).
"... don't turn your back on me." Dexter/Debra, divided.
Warnings: Beware some fast cutting, violence, pseudo-incestous tones (between adopted siblings), and spoilers for the first episode of season 8.

Watch @ youtube, or download @ 4shared.

So, yes. It's a vid! I have so many *nearly* finished videos sitting on my computer, I'm not positive why this one made the cut when so few have recently or if such a thing will ever happen again, but it feels so good to be writing this post. I lost the majority of my vids due to a series of personal tragedies, so that might have made my vidder instincts rebel. Maybe this will incite me to finish the nearly there vids, because I know it is still possible! Or not! All bases covered, and no promises made, fingers crossed!

This is a song that I fell in love with through its video first, as sometimes happens with me. I've been vidding Dexter in my head for so long that it felt like a natural fit when I discovered it. Season 8 just put it into place for good. I'd vidnote this thing, but it truly just fell out of me at a dead run, like the vidder within could not be contained, so I can only say that I walked a very narrow path in creating it---its purpose is not to tell the story of Dexter, the series, but Dexter, the character, and the importance of Debra Morgan to the sympathy we feel for his character.

Thoughts and feedback are heartily welcomed.

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Hey, thank you! Not sure if I know what I'm doing anymore, so that's a relief!

This is great! You draw out the connection Dexter feels to Deb so well, and make the ways it twists and becomes ugly--and ends up with Deb drowning in that tub of blood--so clear.

I enjoyed this! :)

Powerful vid! The Deb/Dexter dynamic has been the anchor of the show for me, especially after Rita was murdered, so I was really glad to see a talented vidder such as yourself tackling that central relationship.

Oh, and I forgot to add...it's great to see you back posting again!

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